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Good For All Soul Groups!

I have written five books. They are as follows:

Your Guardian Angels

Soul Identification and other goodies....

The Chakra Energy System

The Aura

A Numerology Book to Treasure

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A Numerology Book to Treasure ISBN# 978-1-4969-6147-1 Numerology is the application of key words,, characteristics, attributes, thoughts and phrases that are associated to a specific number and letter of the alphabet. The various associations become a formula that is applied to any name,...

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THE AURA ISBN #978-1-4918-3021-5 This book presents information that defines and explains the aura field of light that surrounds the human body. When working to transition the density of a 3rd dimensional energy aura into a 5th dimensional frequency of light, this information is...

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Soul Identification and other goodies... Soul Identification and other goodies..... ISBN# 978-1-4670-3740-2 This book addresses the different soul groups that are incarnate on the planet at the same time. It talks about each soul group, what their purpose in incarnating is, what the...

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The Chakra Energy System The Chakra Energy System is a book about healing. ISBN# 978-1-4685-6412-9 The chakras cannot be seen by the human eye nor can they be held in the palm of your hand, but they are a powerful factor in maintaining wellness in one's body. The energy system of the...

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Best book ever about Guardian Angels!