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1st Chakra Root -  Red

The first chakra is called the root chakra.  It is the base chakra of the entire chakra system and affects anything that is of a foundational nature in life. 

Select this card when you need to re-establish foundations in your life.  When you need to defend your foundations, build them, or re-construct them.  When you need to "ground" and feel safe and secure.

This is a card of seeking safety in foundational aspects of life.

Food, Shelter, Foundation, Defense system, security, grounding

Operates from the four seasons, four corners of the world, etc.

It is a grounding chakra.  Are you grounded in life?  No?  then this chakra needs to be attended to.

Do you have a hard time parting with your possessions?  do you hoard items, are you selfish and say "I", "me", "mine", a lot in life?  Are you self-involved?  Defensive?

Do you have any Colon issues, cancer, elimination issues, system viruses, all over body issue?  immune issues?  these are just a few of the physical manifestations that are associated with the first chakra center.

For more information about the root chakra, what outside stimuli deforms the energy flow, how to hear its message, and how to fix a dysfunctional root chakra, you may wish to read the book:  The Chakra Energy System.  available on this website and at:

This card comes in two shades of red. 

The LIGHT version was a test version of color and application.  there are 2 cards available in the Light shade version.  when they are gone, I will not be making any more of them.

The DARK version is the appropriate color combination for this chakra center and will be offered on this site now, and in the future.


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