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6th Chakra Card - 3rd Eye - Purple

This is typically known as one of the spiritual chakra centers.  Centered in the middle of the forehead, the 3rd eye is the gateway to accessing spiritual gifts and abiities.

Choose this card when:

Spiritually, you seem blocked from movement, cannot ascend your energies, transformation is difficult.

Mentally, you are unprepared for new and innovative concepts, ideas, and thinking patterns, You reject anything new and not familiar to your lifestyle or thinking patterns.

You have difficulties making sense of life.  Cannot bridge physical and spiritual lifestyles.  Feel spiritually frustrated.

wisdom escapes you.  memory is failing, (not due to old age); cannot "see" ahead of yourself for what lies ahead for you.  Cannot choose when faced with a choice to make. 

Question religious beliefs, seeking religious beliefs, embracing religious beliefs, feel as if your religious beliefs have left you completely.  when you feel lost and alone,  When a life beyond this life, is inconceivable.  When the eat, drink & be merry attitudes no longer govern your lifestyle. 

When you are doing your best to live in the NOW moment, letting the past go and not worring about what the future will hold.

Physical issues typically associated with this chakra center relate to mental attitudes, functioning, reasoning ability, etc.  Headaches, migranes, head injuries, hair issues, eye issues, seeing issues, brow and cranial issues, cancer of the brain, ear, etc. problems to the brain/blood barrier, etc.

For more information about the sixth chakra, what outside stimuli deforms the energy flow, how to hear its message, and how to fix a dysfunctional sixth chakra, you may wish to read the book:  The Chakra Energy System.  available on this website and at:

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