Amethyst BioMat Professional Size

The Amethyst BioMat is a product that can be used both in a professional setting and in a home environment.

The BioMat comes in King, Queen, Single, Professional & Mini sizes.  The two most popular sizes are listed below:

The Professional size 73”x28”x1” and sells for $1450.00 (price subject to change)
With the professional pillow ($250.00)  it retails for $1700.00 (price subject to change)

and the Amethyst Mini  size 32”x20”x1”  and sells for $550.00 (price subject to change)

the NEW Mini II size called Poka Poka is much easier to wrap around your waist, legs, arms, and is truly a wonderful mat to have.  It sells for $550.00 (price subject to change)


You need to know that the BioMat has been FDA Approved as a medical device.

If you are a professional, you can charge for any treatments that incorporate the use of the BioMat; and, those treatments can be billed using a billing code many insurance companies will recognize.

In many cases, the BioMat initial purchase can be considered a business expense on your tax return.

If you own a business such as a spa, clinic, dental practice, medical practice, physical therapy, wellness center, veterinarians, etc.; or if you are in business for yourself as a healer or massage therapist, the Amethyst BioMat is a tool that will work for you!

If you would like to know more information about the BioMat or if you would like to purchase a biomat for yourself or become a distributor of BioMat products, please email me.

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