Numerology Predictions

Numerology Predictions

Good for all soul groups!

In this session, a year is charted via using the numbers of the various cycles that you are experiencing. Trends will become apparent for you to use in everyday life experiences. Won't it be nice to know what your power numbers will be all year long and when it will be the most opportune time to utilize them in your life?

Disclaimer: All Numerology sessions offered on this website do not take the place of professional medical care. If you have a medical or psychological concern, please seek the advice of an appropriate licensed medical doctor.

All Numerology sessions are for your entertainment purposes only and are not refundable.

NUMEROLOGY PREDICTIONS This session is good for ALL Soul Groups Typically this session is requested at the beginning of a new year or at the completion of a year. It charts what can be expected to occur during the course of a year. Individuals also request this session around their...