Portraits of Your Master Teacher


Good For All Soul Groups

In everyone's spiritual journey in this life, a Master Teacher has been assigned to ensure that the soul, incarnate in a human body, does not forget what they came into this incarnation to do. Each soul has a purpose, a mission, a job requirement to fulfill, karma to resolve and they designed and developed their own unique game plan to do so. This game plan is called your Soul Path.

You knew that you would get emotionally drawn into the drama of being alive in a human body, so to ensure that you would not lose your way as a human, you handed over your spiritual game plan, your soul path, to an angelic friend of yours to hold for safe keeping while you were in human form. You trusted them to guard and protect your soul path agreements. It is actually their job responsibility to hold your plan intact according to your design, and also to keep you "on track" so you will be able to complete your soul path for this life successfully. This angelic being was given the title of Master Teacher for this assignment. This angelic being is in charge of a group of angels, teachers, guides, elementals, etc., that comprise your "spiritual team" while you are playing as a human in this incarnation.

If you are reading this, you might find it beneficial to know who your Master Teacher is and what they might say to you at this point in your life. Having a portrait of your Master Teacher might just be the ticket to open a door of communication with them. And, if you didn't want to work hard at opening a door of communication, you could always elect to take a short cut and have a session called: Speak Directly to your Master Teacher which is offered on this website, by me, as a full direct-voice, trance-channeling session.

Other important angelic members in your Band of Teachers can also be drawn and painted for you upon request. However, I always suggest starting with your personal Master Teacher.

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I paint portraits of your Master Teacher as well as other Angelic Beings, Teachers, and Guides who are in your Band of Teachers. These portraits do take a bit of time to paint, so they are considered "commissioned paintings". Price is determined by painting medium, size, and complexity of...