Portraits, Angels, and more

Portraits, Angels, and more...

In this section I have placed the "artistic" side of Star Light Connection. On my spiritual journey, I very early understood the importance of communication with our "spiritual helpers". Consequently, I did everything I could to enhance my communication with them. My first book that I have written is Your Guardian Angels click here, and its pages are filled with the different angels, teachers and guides that are waiting "in spirit" for YOU to take the first step in developing a communication with them.

Humans communicate best when they can "see" whom they are communicating with. Seeing "spirit" is very difficult and even clairvoyants have a difficult time "seeing" from time to time. So, how can this situation be remedied? With a picture naturally! So, I asked "spirit" if they would assist me to channel their image on paper. It developed slowly; from pencil and paper to markers and colored pencils, then from charcoal and paper to pastel on paper. Currently I am now using oils and acrylic paint on various canvas surfaces. It always amazes me how spirit can use my poor excuse at art ability, and turn it into a precious image of their individuality in spirit. It is truly a gift from spirit, and I feel so blessed to be able to channel and offer that gift to those who see the value in having a portrait of their angels.

So, that is why I continue to offer this particular "service" on my website. I may not be the best artist in the world, but what I channel and paint for you is precious!

So What Do I Draw?

I draw and paint angels, fairies, elementals, guardian angels, and non-human entities. These beings are around us at all times. They are drawn to your energy, just as you are drawn to theirs.

If I have drawn an image of an angel, fairy, elementa, etc., that you are drawn to....guess what?......that being is around you and wants to be recognized by you. They want to be adopted by you--thats why you are attracted to them in the first place--they belong with you!.

When you are energetically drawn to an image/painting, you are attracted to that energy. That energy is powerful for you. You can use that powerful energy in your daily life. By having the image/painting in your home, you bring that energy into you home environment, into your life.

The Spiritual Art that is currently available on this website is as follows:

1. 5x7 Chakra Angels

Each of these Chakra Angels are hand painted by me on canvas using acrylic paint. There is one chakra angel for each chakra center. There is also an "Unconditional Love Angel" and "An Ascension Angel". After each angel is painted I place them on a white rug to dry. While drying, Angelic Beings from various councils of Light "infuse" the chakra angels with the appropriate color, frequency, dimensional integrity, and Light from the Councils of Healing of which they represent.

When an angel is specifically ordered for a specific person for a specific reason, an additional "infusion of healing" is administered to the 5x7 canvas by the Brotherhood of Light (healing division) and myself.

"Infusions of Light" is a specific level of Light Integrity that remains "active" when attached to a material item. That means that like the Duracell Bunny we see on television commercials, the energy infused in the canvas keeps on ticking and ticking for as long as it is required to do so. It is an endless energy giving gift you can purchase for yourself or for others. In fact, when energy is "infused" in any material object (like my chakra cards) that energy keeps on working just the same as it did when you opened the card for the first time.

2. Angels to Purchase

There are angels who are not specifically associated with one's personal band of teachers. These are broad spectrum angels so to speak and they serve many people, not just one. I have placed these angels in a separate section called "Angels to Purchase". These angels can be duplicated, unless otherwise specified. They also come in a larger size, 8 x10 and some 11 x 14. That is the main reason they have a section of their own.

3. Do You Belong to Me?

These angels have specifically "come to me" as I am painting and have asked for their image to be painted. They "belong" to someone and I am hoping that their "charge" will see them on this website and they can be reunited. That is why I say Angels to Adopt. They are desiring a strong connection with the individual they have come to help. Perhaps that could be you?

4. Portraits of Your Master Teacher

These are "commissioned paintings that are ordered by you. In this segment, I draw your Master Teacher or other immediate teachers, guides that are in your "band of teachers". These angels belong only to you. They are only painted one time--just for you.