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It’s official!  Your Guardian Angels is now published!

this is my first published book

Your Guardian Angels is about spirit guardian angels that assist you in meeting your soul path objectives within the human life you have chosen to live.


This book identifies the characteristics and job descriptions of these angels as well as their spirit contract with you in this lifetime.

Furthermore, this book outlines the importance of communication with your guardian angels especially when facing challenges in life.

It provides information, as well as a method to successfully open the door of communication with specific guardian angels.


When the door of communication is opened between spirit dimensions and the human plane of living, insight and answers to life challenges can be easily obtained.


You have a team of seven to nine guardian angels who are with you always. 

You have many more guardian angels moving in and out of your life on a daily basis.  This book identifies those angels. 


This is a MUST book to have for yourself, and to give your loved ones.


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Your Guardian Angels supporting products and services coming soon.

1.  Meditation CD’s featuring the Guardian Angel of your choice

2.  Speak Directly to your Master Teacher or Guardian Angel of your choice



For your convenience, I will be recording the meditations provided in the book on CD’s.  Each CD features the meditation of one Guardian Angel.  Each CD will be sold separately.  When the CD’s are ready for purchase, I will have a Products tab on this website and you can order the CD’s of your choice directly from this website via pay pal.  Please check back. 



Direct Voice Channeling

For quite a few years now, I have been offering trance channeled sessions with your Master Teacher.  These channeled sessions provide a direct link to talk to your Master Teacher.  The information provided is simply priceless.  Many individuals have benefited tremendously from speaking directly to their Master Teacher.


Now that Your Guardian Angels is published, it opens the door of communication with all of the major guardian angels in your band of teachers.  Consequently, it is only fair that I open my ability as a direct voice channel to include sessions with the guardian angel of your choice. 



If you would like a direct voice channeled session with your Master Teacher, or with any of your Guardian Angels please contact me via this website.  Sessions can be in person or remote.

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