Your Guardian Angels


ISBN# 978-1-4490-0701-0

Your Guardian Angels is a book that you need to have! It identifies your personal guardian angels who assist you in your everyday life and in meeting your soul path objectives within this human incarnation.

The characteristics and job descriptions of your angels and any spiritual contract that they may have with you in this lifetime is discussed. Furthermore, this book outlines the importance of communication with your guardian angels especially when facing challenges in life. It provides information, as well as a method to successfully open the door of communication with them.

You are not alone in life! You have a team of seven to nine guardian angels who are with you always. Wouldn't you love to know who they are and how you can talk to them? This book tells you how!

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Also, there are 3 tools that are offered on this website that can be used to strengthen communication with your guardian angels. Those tools are:

Tool #1. Your Guardian Angel Meditation Recording.
Every Guardian Angel has their own unique meditation audio recording for you to listen to and increase your communication with your angel. The meditations are listed in the book, Your Guardian Angels , and have been recorded in my voice for your convenience. Click here to see the available recordings.

Tool #2. A direct-voice trance-channel session called: Speak Directly to your Master Teacher or Guardian Angel.
This session is an unfiltered, direct communication between you and your master teacher! Since the publishing of Your Guardian Angels, I have expanded this trance-channel direct-voice session to include the angels listed in the book. When selecting this session, please have a list of spiritual questions prepared. Click Here to order this session.

Tool #3. Spiritual Art.
On this website, I have 3 different forms of spiritual art to assist you in opening the door of communication with your angels.

1. Portraits of Spirit Guides and/or your Master Teacher,
I channel the image of this spiritual being on canvas or in pastel. These are commissioned paintings. Click here to read more

2. Chakra Angel Paintings.
These are angels painted on a 5x7 canvas with acrylic paint. They are faceless. Each painting, when completed is infused with healing energy from various Councils of Light. Click here to read more

3. Spiritual Art Embroidery.
I have a designed a series of Embroidered Greeting Cards that illustrate chakra centers, angels, and spiritual symbols. Each card is professionally embroidered and infused with the appropriate energy you have requested. Click here to read more.