The Chakra Energy System

The Chakra Energy System

The Chakra Energy System is a book about healing.
ISBN# 978-1-4685-6412-9

The chakras cannot be seen by the human eye nor can they be held in the palm of your hand, but they are a powerful factor in maintaining wellness in one's body.

The energy system of the physical body is a recording collector for every emotion that is experienced. When negative experiences clog up the free flowing energy in the chakra centers it results in pain, illness, and disease. Keeping the energy system flowing in a healthy, balanced way promotes wellness.

Within the pages of this book, the reader will learn how emotions are lodged within chakra centers and how to communicate with the chakras. Once a communication bridge is established, the reader will learn how to heal a dysfunctional chakra center.

This book is a composite of four individual subjects that work together to form a healing tool that is easily used by beginners as well as seasoned lightworkers. The book begins with an overview onn the dynamics of healing, moves easily into chakra information, provides an effective healing attunement tool, and completes the cycle with information on how to heal dysfunctional chakra centers.

Balancing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energy aspects of one's life is necessary to achieve wellness and to live an empowered life.

If this is important to you--then this is the book for you!

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