Channeling Sessions

Channeling Sessions

I offer 3 different forms of channeled sessions:

  • Past Lives
  • Sacred Soul Contracts
  • Master Teacher / Guardian Angel

Past Lives

  Each time we incarnate, that life we lived is recorded in our Book of Life.  Sometimes, as we spiritually evolve, we become fascinated with the "lives" we have "lived" before.  Sometimes, just knowing that we had a lifetime in a specific time or place is sufficient.  However, when we are purging karma and need to know relationship interactions from previous lives we have lived a deeper look into our past lives is needed.

Because there are two distinct reasons why someone would want to know about their past lives, I offer two distinctly different past life readings.  

1.  Past Lives for fun  and

2.  Past Lifes in-depth.

Past Lifes for fun session simply reads the table of contents of your book of life.  It provides a place, such as Egypt where you had a past life, and whether the life was in a male or female body.  Sometimes a station in life is also indicated, such as if you were a soldier, servant, priest, etc. in that lifetime.  No depth is provided.  This is simply to satisfy your curiousity about previous lifetimes you may have lived.

Past Lives-In depth session is a very serious look into one or more past lives for the purpose of resolving an issue that is present in your life today.  Understanding the root cause of an issue whether it is health related, or relationship based, is vital to resolving/healing a persistent issue in the current lifetime.  Often a past life reading brings to light a root cause that has woven its way into the current life experience.  When a past life reading is used in this fashion, true healing can begin.

Both of the Past Life Reading Sessions are done in a semi-trance style.  This means that I am in an altered state of awareness in order to "view" your records, yet I can communicate with you similar to a basic psychic reading.

Sacred Soul Contracts

In order to know where you are going in life, it is always good to know what you have agreed to do in life.

  So many times, clients come to me seeking direction in their life.  They are clueless as to who they are, what they are to do, and why they are experiencing their life in a drama based way.  Most of the time, what they need to understand is what they have agreed to do in this lifetime.  Once you understand what you said you would do, everything falls into place and life is so much easier to live.

Before you took the life you are now living, you agreed to do many things in life.  What you agreed to do was written down in a contract format and "charged" against you as payment due (so to speak) until the agreement was fulfilled in your lifetime.  Of course, nearly everyone alive has forgotten what they have agreed to do, and simply began living their life in the "free will" manner in which we all operate.  This causes conflicts to occur in our life especially in the areas that go against the flow of what we have agreed to do in this lifetime.

In this session, sacred soul contracts, your contracts are revisited and you consciously have the opportunity to become aware of what you have agreed to do with your life.  You have the opportunity to assess how well you have honored your contracts or not, and the opportunity to seek advice on the best course of action to take from this moment forward. 

  For many individuals, this session has turned their life around.  Each session is unique for the individual.  This is a semi-trance session.  I am out of my body long enough for the soul contracts to be read, and into my body to assist you with clairfication, discussion, and understanding with your spirit record keeper.

Master Teacher/ Guardian Angel

also known as Speak Directly to Your Master Teacher Session

In my desire to provide accurate readings for my clients, I learned how to surrender to "spirit" and "allow spirit" to utilize my physical body for the purpose of assisting other individuals to walk their soul path.  

In this desire to serve mankind, I have mastered the ability to allow "spirit" to use my voice to provide dialogue, and communication with my clients.  I have no memory of the conversation that has transpired when I am in this "trance-like" state, so it is important that good notes are taken by the client if they elect to have this session.

I am a trance-channel.  When doing a private channeled session, I only allow YOUR Master Teacher to speak through my voice.  This is the spiritual teacher, guide, guardian angel, that has been assigned to walk along side of you all the days of your life.  This teacher is the Master Teacher in your band of teachers.  (read about this teacher and other guardian angels who have been assigned to you in my book entitled Your Guardian Angels).

In this session you are only allowed the answers to your spiritual questions.  such as what is the purpose of my life?  What karmic lessons are still unfulfilled in my life?  What is my light quotient? How do I communicate with my guardian angels?  What are my spiritual gifts and abilities?  Am I walking my soul path, or am I off my path?  If I am off my path, how do I return to it?  as well as many other spiritual based questions that are appropriate for your personal soul ascension program.

When I channel for a group of people, I typically bring in the Council of Twelve, Brotherhood of Light, or the Crystal Realm Guardians

A personal channeling session with your master teacher (guardian angel) is not for everyone.  It is NOT done for fun and games, but done for achieving a very serious and direct commitment to walking your spiritual path in love and light.  For some individuals it is a very emotional session, for others an informative-knowledge based session, and for a few, a reprimand from spirit that is not often easy to take. 

Each session is unique to each individual.  No two sessions are ever alike.  A channeling session ofters a rare and priceless opportunity to actually hold a conversation with your spiritual teacher (guardian angel).  This is for the SERIOUS seeker of personal truth.

A channeling session allows your personal master teacher to directly talk/communicate with you regarding your spiritual soul path.  This is a very serious session and not to be elected for fun and games. 

CHANNELLING SESSIONS are for your entertainment purposes only and are NON-REFUNDABLE

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