Old Souls

Are you an Old Soul?

Old Souls have been reincarnated on this earth plane for many years.  They are the soul group that has the memory recall of spiritual past history, and the ability to re-connect the past with the current day.

Most Old Souls have forgotten who they are and the mission they have come here to do.  For Old Souls, its all about awakening their spiritual gifts and abilities, and remembering their purpose in this incarnation.

To learn more about Old Souls, please read:  Soul Identification and other goodies.... available on this website and at www.AuthorHouse.com

sessions that help the Old Soul can be found in the Lightbody Ascension Level I links.

also, any of the healing, reading, and miscellaneous sessions work well with the Old Soul.

Old Souls who have had their inhibitor crystals removed will work well with any of the new Lightbody sessions available on this website.

recommended sessions:

Etheric Inhibitor Crystal Removal

Higher Light Integration

Karma Matrix Removal

emotional release Healing

aura & chakra healing

Psychic reading

Master teacher channeling session

Portrait of master teacher

soul design analysis

any re-connective session or multi-dimensional healing session.

any session on this website -

remember: its all about remembering and re-awakening

This is a general all purpose infusion of Light that has the ability to spread throughout the body.  This is a good infusion to choose when you have...

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Choose this infusion when you are working onn opening your third eye for clairvoyance and inner wisdom. recommended for all soul groups

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This infusion is received from The Office of The Divine Mother.  This infusion holds the Goddess energy and is very popular.  The infusion is...

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Choose this infusion when you wish to raise the threshold of Light that the crown chakra can process assisting you to attain enlightenent and wisdom. ...

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Choose this infusion when you have a specific issue in the throat chakra that requires a healing; OR when you wish to open to channel spirit via use of your...

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Choose this infusion when your heart and your mind just cannot get along and work together as a team.  Are you tired of the constant stress as both...

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Choose this infusion of Liquid Light whenever there is an issue that is centered within the solar plexus.  This infusion stays in the solar plexus...

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Choose this infusion when there is a specific concern with the sacral chakra center.  Infusions of Light into this chakra tend to stay in the chakra...

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Choose this infusion when you are experiencing difficulties with foundational issues in your life, stability, grounding, etc.  The Root chakra...

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Crystal Grid Template & Alignment Connection In 1996, Spirit showed me a new grid structure that was intended for planet Earth.  Being a...

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Toxin Release Healing has been especially designed for Hybrid, Elohim & Crystal Children.   Elohim and Hybrid Elohim...

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Crystal Removal is for members of the Old Soul group Sometimes First Wave · Indigo Children have a few of these crystals too....

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