Lightbody Ascension Process Phase IV - After Spiritual Polling

Spiritual Polling marks the onset of Phase IV of the Lightbody Ascension Process. 

Spiritual Polling means that every incarnate soul will be spiritually asked, in their sleep state, what their preference will be for the remainder of their life journey on planet Earth.

When "we" incarnated onto Earth, she was a 3rd dimensional planet.  There was always the probabillity that she could emerge as a polar star, but it was so far off into the future, that it did not seem to affect our original decision to be born into a 3D environment.  As we all know, the incarnation of the "baby boomers" expedited the ascension of our beloved planet.  It was their mission on Earth to move Earth into a 5th dimensional frequency and prepare the Earth for a new experience--and every incarnate soul came along for the ride!

Now that Earth has ascended and has stabilized into her new 5th dimensional frequency status, focus is now placed on every incarnate soul.  What will you support?  Will you cling to the tried and true 3D experiences that you know so well?  or, will you embrace the 5th dimensional frequencies and all the new changes that it will bring?  Each incarnate soul will decide.  How you decide will determine the situations you will experience for the duration of your earthly contract. 

There is one other choice we each will have, I call it "the escape clause".  Those souls who are weary, tired, and have fulfilled their earthly missions, and do not have the will nor desire to embrace 3D anylonger or the challenges of 5D for the future, will be allowed the opportunity of ending their life contract on earth without penalty.  I call this "the escape clause".  You may laugh, but many people have already elected to "die" and are no longer with us.  In fact, as this year 2012, comes to a close, many more of our loved ones will be taking advantage of that escape clause.  If your loved one elects to "escape", please honor their spiritual decision to do so and take strength in the fact that they are exactly where they have chosen to be. 


spiritual polling is now taking place and will continue until every soul has had the opportunity to choose their highest good.  Spiritual Polling occurs in your sleep state.   You will not remember your decision, but it will be revealed to you shortly after you have chosen.  The monthly newsletter for Oct-Nov-Dec addresses spiritual polling.  simply click on the newsletter tab to read more about this issue.

Phase IV Services:

After you have chosen what frequency you will embrace, the cellular "keepers" of your body need to be re-aligned. 

If you have chosen 3D, the "keepers" need to be reassured that they are OKay and simply have your permission to carry on as before.  If that describes you, the session you want to have is a one-time-- 3D Keeper Healing.

If you have chosen 5D, then you need to re-align the keepers quickly.  The quicker you re-align the "keepers" the easier time you will have to adjust to 5D frequencies.  The session you will want to have is:  5D Keeper Alignment

At this time, I am unsure how often the 5D keeper alignment will need to take place.  I would like to think that it would be a one-time session.  But, if you resist change, or if your individual change comes in stages, it could take a longer period of time and several re-alignments for you to accilimate completely.  each individual will be different.


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This is a new aura session offered at an introductory price.  Read description above. Good for all soul groups, except Crystal children

3D Keeper Healing

3D Keeper Healing If you have chosen to remain true to a 3D lifestyle, then your "keepers" need to be settled down a bit.  They need to be...

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5D Keeper Alignment

5D Keeper Alignment when spiritually polled, if you have chosen to hold 5D, then you need to re-align the keepers quickly.  The quicker you...

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