Crystalline Grid

Crystalline Grid

Jan, 2010.  You heard it first from me on this website nearly 14 years ago,  that a new kid was coming on the block--The Crystalline Grid. 

Folks, this grid is here now, and it is here in all of its glory.  It has ushered in the New Root Race of Man, the Crystal Children.

I have 3 sessions so far to support this grid. 

1.  Connection to the crystal grid
2.   Meditation CD to embrace it

3.   Maintenance healing sessions to keep the connective cords active.


November 2011.  We are now a 2-grid planet system.  Oh Happy Day!  Old Souls....this is what we have been waiting for!  Hold onto your hats, the energy rushes, waves, and blankets are coming in full sweeping force!  Parallels are merging, dimensions are shifting, and multi-dimensional facets of self are saying HI!

why not reach out and touch is going to be easier and easier to reach thru the dimensional veils to do so.  Bleed Through technology is almost here!  


July 2012.  Its been an up and down year so far....transparency is demanding a voice in every aspect of life.  How are you doing with transparency in your life.  Gets tough sometimes doesn't it? 

Keep plowing thru it because at the end of the year, the Dec. (12 & 21) 2012 end of the mayan calender shift, will bring everyone to a point of shifting.  The way you shift will be determined on how much baggage you want to shift to the new energy.  

If you are having trouble might want to sign up for some healing sessions to clear out those collector fields that are compressing with all sorts of weird stuff you no longer need.  Don't wait until the end of the year to cram in a session, do it now when you still have the leisure time to do it.

Change is in the air.....  Smile

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