Lightbody Acension Process Phase I

The Lightbody Ascension Process affects every incarnate soul on the planet.  Each incarnate soul belongs to a specific soul group.  Each soul group has their own set of inhibitors to ascension unique unto the soul group.

 Old Souls

As incarnate old souls, our spiritual urge is to advance, ascend, and remember who and what we are in this universe.  As we attempt to open spiritually we find that we can only open just so far and then we hit what is called a spiritual wall on the path to awareness.  When you hit that wall, your soul group inhibitors are kicking in.  To make any additional progress these inhibitors must be removed.  See Old Soul for additional information.

Indigo Souls

An indigo soul group is a special group of incarnate souls who were born open and receptive to their spiritual gifts and abilities (the reverse of the Old Soul group).  As Indigo children chronically age, they to lose their ability to stay open and receptive to spirit and begin to see their gifts and abilities revert to a dormant stage of existence.  To stay open Indigo souls need to have their inhibitors removed.  See Indigo Children for additional Information

Star Children

Star Children are in a classification altogether different from the first two groups.  As a matched soul, their biggest limitation on their spiritual journey is being separate, alone, depressed, and desolate.  This is apparent in the late teen years and during their twenties.  If a Star Child cannot be mated with their mate, their blocks kick in emotionally. 

 The Lightbody Ascension process comes to the planet in segmented phases.  Phase I is to make all existing soul groups aware of their blocks and limitations, and if it is in accordance with their higher soul, to have those blocks removed.  To have the blocks removed called for specially trained and certified Etheric Laser Surgeons to do this work.

The walk in Tashira Tach Ren back in the 1990's trained many Etheric Laser Surgeons to do this work.  I am one of her trained and certified Etheric Laser Surgeons, with the title of LightMaster.  I can do the sessions in person or remotely via skype.  

Sleeping Incarnate souls awaken when the time is correct for them to do so no matter what soul group they belong to.  If you have been sleeping and now are awake and reading this website, I strongly would advise getting your inhibitors out as soon as you can.

In order to take the guessing out of trying to figure out what sessions you should have, I have put together recommended sessions for each soul group. 

Select the  Hot Link under Professional services,(top menu bar) that reads Lightbody Awareness Process to see those recommended sessions.

IF you would like additional information about the various soul groups on the planet at this time, I would strongly suggest reading the book:  Soul Identification and other goodies... by Sarah Schweitzer, Ph.D.  this book is available on this website and at

ALSO: any of the healing sessions, specific healing sessions, readings or channeling that are listed on this website transitions easily between the soul groups and works well at all soul group levels and various stages of healing.  (crystal children have their own sessions)

Indigo child Energy Healing & Re-Balancing Session recommended for Indigo Children only This session is designed for Indigo Children who...

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Choose this infusion when you are working onn opening your third eye for clairvoyance and inner wisdom. recommended for all soul groups

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This infusion is received from The Office of The Divine Mother.  This infusion holds the Goddess energy and is very popular.  The infusion is...

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Choose this infusion when you have a specific issue in the throat chakra that requires a healing; OR when you wish to open to channel spirit via use of your...

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Choose this infusion when your heart and your mind just cannot get along and work together as a team.  Are you tired of the constant stress as both...

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Choose this infusion of Liquid Light whenever there is an issue that is centered within the solar plexus.  This infusion stays in the solar plexus...

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Choose this infusion when you are experiencing difficulties with foundational issues in your life, stability, grounding, etc.  The Root chakra...

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Crystal Removal is for members of the Old Soul group Sometimes First Wave · Indigo Children have a few of these crystals too....

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HIGHER LIGHT INTEGRATIONS Etheric Laser Crystal Removal Level III   Good For Old Souls & Indigo Children...

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Karma Matrix Removal Level IV             A Karma Matrix Removal is not for...

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Third Eye Tune-up

The 3rd Eye is an important chakra center when you begin to spiritually evolve.  It is the seat of clairvoyance (the ability to see other...

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Why do you need a grounding cord session? In our fast-paced world, sitting down, taking time to smell the roses, relaxing, and other self-nurturing...

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