LightBody Ascension Process

Guidance Outline for each Soul Group

For Old Souls: 
Etheric Inhibitor Crystal Removal
Higher Light Integration
Karma Matrix Removal
Integrated Healing
Third Eye Tune-up
Grounding Cord Anchoring

For Indigo Souls: 
Chakra Lock Removal 
Higher Light Integration
Karma Matrix Removal
Integrated Healing
Grounding Cord Anchoring

For Star Children:
Integrated Healing
Grounding Cord anchoring
Multi-dimensional session

For Elohim & Hybrid Elohim Souls:
Emotional Release Healing
Energy ReAlignment
(as needed)

For Crystal Children
special section of their own 

Additional Lightbody Ascension Services
These are available for everyone except children
(Children are too young for these)

Arc of The Covenant
Cellular Rejuvenation
Etheric Matrix Surgical Repair
Etheric Matrix Template Alignment & Activation
Head-Heart Connection
Holographic alignment
Karmic Seed Removal
Keeper Release
Lightbody Healing Sessions                    
Liquid Light Infusions
Meridian Line Repairs
Multi-Dimensional Sessions
Pineal Attunement
Reiki Healer attunement to Lightbody

Re-wiring of Third-Eye
Sacred Body Alignment
Soul Group Identification
Temple of  Light Surgical Healing for Lightworkers & Healers
Wings of The Phoenix Alignment centered for 2010

After Spiritual Polling
(Lightbody Ascension Process Phase IV)

3D Keeper Healing
5D Keeper Alignment

Please Note:
you may not need all of these services but when you do, they are available


3D Keeper Healing

3D Keeper Healing If you have chosen to remain true to a 3D lifestyle, then your "keepers" need to be settled down a bit.  They need to be...

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5D Keeper Alignment

5D Keeper Alignment when spiritually polled, if you have chosen to hold 5D, then you need to re-align the keepers quickly.  The quicker you...

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