Healing Sessions

 "Healing" can take place in many different ways.  It can be as simple as sharing thoughts in a conversation with another individual to as an elaborate a process that you can imagine.

In my personal opinion, all healing comes from God.  Whether you envision that God is outside of you, or whether you refer to the God Within you, Healing is as individual as we want it to be.

Your "intention" to be healed is just as important as the "healing session" you elect to receive.

I have learned many different healing processes and modalities.  All of them work, but not all of them work for everyone.  The trick to healing is finding the correct healing path for yourself to follow.  Whether that path is through medical science, new age thinking, or a combination of both approaches to healing.  The bottom line is.... No one can choose a healing path that is correct for you--but you!

That is why I have so many different healing sessions listed on this website.  I've mastered them all, and in that process I've learned that one universal healing session just won't fit for everyone.  Any healing facilitator that will say that they just surrender and let "spirit guide their hands" totally understands that each healing is unique and one size won't fit all.  

For those of you who haven't a clue what kind of healing you need to seek out, I've included a list of healing modalities for you to pick from.  Enjoy reading them, and be aware of the session that lingers in your mind.....thats the one you most likely will require for whatever is needed in your life at this moment in time.  If you still can't decide what it is that you need, just drop me an email and together we will find a solution for you.

Since all healing is channeled, and I am only a channel for the healing energies, or a facilitator of the tool that is being used.....I ask for the same financial donation regardless of the healing session that is chosen.  I break the sessions down into 15 minute segments so all the healing choices can be affordable for everyone.  If you still have a financial problem with the segment structure, email me and we will work something out.  I believe in paying it forward as much as I trust in "what goes around does come back to you" 10 fold.

I believe that each individual is "called" to serve mankind in some way.  It is in that calling that each of us have the opportunity to make a difference in the world, or a difference in the life of someone other than self.  

 Healing is my calling.  It is also my passion and my joy. Smile I love all forms of healing, from that simple conversation over a cup of coffee, to a full blown etheric laser surgical session. I love it all. 

So I've divided the healing choices into two sub-sections:

General Healing Sessions, (what most people tend to select)....and

Specific Healing Sessions, (designed for specific healing purposes and spiritual awakening)

ALSO: Lightbody Healing sessions are listed in the Lightbody Ascension Level hot links as well as Healing sessions for Crystal Children are in Crystal Children hot links  and, each soul group has specific healing sessions designed for them too.  Confused yet?  well don't be, it is quite simple actually.

JUST REMEMBER:  an energy healing does not take the place of the care you can receive from a duly licensed medical doctor.  Always consult a professional and licensed medical doctor for all of your physical, mental, and emotional concerns.

Energy Healing in any modality on this website is specifically for your entertainment.  No claim is ever made or implied to cure anything.



Basic Energy Healing In this session your energy field (your aura field of light) is manipulated.  Energy blocks, structures, devices,...

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