Portraits, Angels, and more


I channel drawings of your Master Teacher, or Spirit Spiritual Guide  on approximately an 11x14 size paper, suitable to frame (you frame), or on canvas pending on the medium that I use.

Portraits are in pastel, acrylic, watercolor, or oil.  

You also can commission a drawing of your entire band of teachers or just one- it is up to you!

Commissioned portraits can take up to 6 weeks to complete.  Sketches drawn at fairs can always be converted into a full portrait painting.

If you see a portrait of a teacher that is on this website and you are drawn to it...guess what?....that portrait belongs to you!  Your inner recognition was triggered and that "teacher" wants to be with you!  You can "adopt" your teachers portrait by contacting me for a price which will also include a mini reading.  OR, you can put it in your cart and use pay pal if a price is listed.  

By having the portrait of your teacher in your home, your communication with them can be enhanced.   

PLEASE NOTE:  on this website I have posted drawn sketches as well as completed portraits of spirit guides and teachers that belong to someone (they do not belong to me) so if you see one that you are especially drawn to, that drawing belongs to you and you should adopt it.  I only draw it once.  

Each portrait I draw comes with a mini reading introducing you to the teacher or guide that I have drawn especially for you.



I also draw angels, fairys, and elementals.  These beings are around us at all times.  They are drawn to your energy, just as you are drawn to theirs. 

If I have drawn an angel, fairy, or elemental that is on this website for sale, and you are drawn to....then you should strongly consider purchasing the drawing.  No two are ever alike, and the essence of the being you are drawn to most likely needs to work with you--and you to it.  

When you are energetically drawn to a painting, you are attracted to that energy and that energy is powerful for you to use in your daily life.  By having the drawing in your home, you bring that energy into you life and benefit from it directly.

  Chakra Angels

Chakra Angels are painted on 5x7 canvas and can be hung on a wall very easily.  There is a Chakra Angel for each of the 7 major chakra centers.  There is also a "love angel" that can be used for any situation,  and an Ascension Angel who holds the energy of 5D LightBody Ascension.  See these angels under the Chakra Angel  tab

AS ALWAYS, Keep checking the website for new items for sale, new services, and the leading edge information on the LightBody Ascension process!