Star Children

Are you a Star Child?

Star Children have incarnated onto the planet for only one short incarnation wave. Their purpose is to intervene with the planetary ascension process by paradigm shifting the knowledge base of the existing root race of man. Because they hold the keys to paradigm shift the planet, they are often misunderstood in life, which can cause them to feel depressed.

Star Children come to this planet already "mated" with their appropriate mate. Typically they find each other very young in life. For those Star Children who did not find their mate, or their mate became unavailable to them, appropriate surrogate mates came forth from all incarnate soul groups to be with the Star Child. Without the aid and support from their "mate", the Star Child often feels lost, abandoned, and alone in this world. Overwhelmed, they do not follow the "mission" they are here to complete, thus leaving the planet without their piece of the paradigm shift of knowledge this planet needs from them. For that reason alone, surrogate mates stepped forward to be with these very special Children of the Stars.

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