Indigo Children

Are you an Indigo Child?

Indigo Children are typically the children of Old Souls. This soul group came into this incarnation fully aware of whom they are, what they are to accomplish, and how they will do it. Depending upon their parents, the Indigo Child was either respected or laughed at for their "psychic visions, intuition, and spiritual gifts". Old Soul parents were crucial in keeping their Indigo Child aware or allowing them to fall into a spiritual sleep.

Indigo Children are best noted for their part in transforming the educational system to allow for all levels of intelligence and learning modalities. Indigo Children were very instrumental in removing the cookie cutter approach to learning!

On average, as an Indigo Child ages, they lose their internal focus, spiritual gifts, and abilities to walk their spiritual soul path with clarity. This is a natural phenomena with the Indigo Child Incarnation Wave, and it frustrates many Indigo Children when they begin to realize that their abilities have lessened with aging. Take heart, there is a fix!

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