Elohim & Hybrid

Are you an Elohim or Hybrid Soul?

This soul group incarnated on the planet as a special intervention to thwart negativity. This incarnation wave had an additional mission and that was to pave the way for the new root race of man (Crystal Children).

Elohim or Hybrid Souls work hard to transmute negativity in this world to a positive energy flow. As children, they radiate love. For they are love. They hold Unconditional Love from The Creator. Each child is a packet of Love sent directly to the planet to restore love, peace, hope within the matrix of Earth. That is their purpose. You will find them loving the planet as equally as they love mankind! You will find them in "service" to mankind in some form or another. They came into the darkest areas of Earth where man's inhumanity to man is rampant. Born in households where divorce, murder, incest, rage, mental illness, is the norm rather than the exception. These children stand in the middle of all the drama and project unconditional love and take in the darkness and process it through their little bodies transforming it into Light and Love. This is what they came to do, that, and a whole lot more! For those special ones who incarnated in homes where love was abundant, don't be surprised if they align with others with questionable backgrounds and with people who do not know what it feels like to be loved.

When Elohim or Hybrid Souls are overwhelmed with the darkness and negativity they took in to process, they become blocked. When blocked, they lose their connectivity to All There Is and feel abandoned, lost, and alone. This leads to depression and behavioral challenges. It also invites many different ways that their health is jeopardized.

This soul group, many of which have never taken a physical form before, (first incarnation in the physical body) appear to be in over their heads. They need someone to help keep them safe and warm until they can stand on their feet once again. Hybrid Souls have some experience incarnating and typically they are a split between angelic and a star family of light. These two similar groups are "fresh recruits" to this planet and they have an inner urge to just love unconditionally. In so many ways, they are easily influenced and so very innocent in the ways of a society that is laced in negative energy behaviors--energy they came to transmute to Love.

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