Crystal Children


Crystal Children who just couldn't wait to incarnate are called "the forerunners" and they began to incarnate on the earth plane at the end of 1998-9. With the turning over to the year 2000 the masses of Crystal Children had an open door to begin incarnating and they did so in waves!

From 2000 to approximately 2020 will mark the first incarnational wave of Crystal Children. Within that first wave, there are three distinct sub-waves. 2000-2009/12, 2009-12 to 2015-16 and 2015-16-2020 ish. Each wave has a different protocol for serving the planet. Early incarnating Crystal Children will be voting in the 2020 elections! They hold the voice of the future of this planet in their hands.

Crystal Children are the new root race of man! They are establishing their voice on this planet from younger and younger ages. As the Old Souls, who are the current root race of man, begin to make their transition off the planet, they will leave the planet into the care of the Crystal Children. The overlapping of root races will take several years to complete and during that time, both root races of man will share the Earth plane and hopefully work together for the betterment of mankind.

Crystal Children are here to save the planet by redesigning the way life is lived, behavioral norms, and equality for all peoples. From a young age, these children are expressing their creativity and developing technology, ideas, and concepts that are quite surprisingly sound and workable. They incarnated within family units that are open and receptive to allowing the child to totally be authentic and they are encouraged to do so by their caretakers, teachers, and parents. Perhaps Old Souls have done what we came here to do with uplifting the planet so it could ascend, but the new root race of man will take the ascended planet and truly usher it into the 5th dimension with all of their gifts, talents, abilities, and creativity. As Old Souls work hard to manifest their desires into reality, Crystal Children have mastered the art of thinking it into existence almost from birth.

Crystal Children respond well to energy medicine, organic foods, and a healthy life style. They have an advanced energy body and instinctively know what is good for the body and what is not. They have a "hive" telepathic link to group consciousness, and that is remarkable!

Early born Crystal Children incarnated with a group soul mission to bring transformation to the medical fields. Consequently many crystal children are born with all kinds of "new" issues that are challenging the medical researchers, doctors, and nurses. These children who elected to be sick in their childhood are sacrificing their bodies to science, so science and technology can catch up with their updated energy fields, genetics, and all that this new root race of man will bring to humanity.

Consequently, most of the energy work that is practiced on the planet today, was designed and developed for the old root race of man, Old Souls. Unfortunately, the old polarity, old reiki, old healing methodologies do not help their energy fields as much as it has helped ours. (yes, I am an Old Soul). Old healing modalities either do not work at all on the child, or hinders their innate ability to heal themselves through the hive mind. Medication sometimes need several adjustments before the "energy of the medicine" matches the energy field of the child.

These children require doctors,, nurses, counselors, etc. who are open and receptive to stepping outside of the box to help these children repair their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies back to wellness. The children respond well to crystal energy, transparency, and a healing process that is unlike what most healing practitioners were trained to do.

Here, at Star Light Connection, I am very "attuned" to the needs of these beautiful Crystal Children. I have worked with many children and with the help of my ever expanding group of healers in spirit, I have developed quick and easy healing modalities that younger children respond well to. My Crystal Child Counseling sessions have worked well also. Those sessions are similar to a psychic reading, but with more interaction between the child and myself. In both the healing sessions and the counseling sessions, I am teaching the child what they have temporarily forgotten. This empowers the child and restores their confidence to meet and overcome any challenge with success. Sometimes they get so bogged down in the world that they live in that they lose their "hive" connection. I have found a way to re-connect these children and so far it is working well.

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