March 2014

Hello Everyone!

The Victory of Light Psychic Fair is early this ear, April 5th and 6th!  So mark your calendars!

I will be participating inn the fair in my regular spot.  I will be offering psychic readings, past, present, future, as well as palmistry and numerology sessions.

I will also offer the special direct voice channeling sessions with your master teacher.  As always, this session is a rare but priceless conversation to have with your master teacher.  If you need truthful, solid, and correct direction to embrace your soul path, this is the session for you.

My full line up of healing sessions will also be available.

New to the healing sessions is a re-direct of an older session:  DNA Activation, updated for 5th dimensional frequency flow

And a NEW healing session for the Aura Field:  5th dimensional Crystal Overlay Download.

MY LECTURE on SUNDAY is on:  Ascending The Aura  In this lecture you will learn the necessity of having your aura field prepared to receive the crystalline overlay.  You will learn how to ascend your aura field to accept this overlay and then, how to keep the overlay humming throughout the 5th dimensional shifts yet to come.  This is a lecture you won't want to miss.

For those of you who wish to have a jump start on getting your aura primed and tuned up to receive the overlay, there are several things you can do.  work on your baggage and remove it once and for all.  cut the cords that are weighing heavily in the aura,  remove blocks, stsructures and devices that hold you back from your next.  open your cellular body to receive more light, and maintain balance in the chakra energy fields.

If you need assistance with any of the above I will be at the fair all weekend to assist in clearing out the aura field and anchoring in the new crystalline overlay of light.  

This will be the FIRST time that I will be offering the crystal overlay download as a healing session at a fair.  so, it will be offered at a special introductory price.  $200.00 will get the aura fields totally cleared and the overlay correctly anchored according to your level of light quota.  The overlay works best on a clear and clean aura field.  I'm offering the aura clearing at no charge when you get the overlay download.  

Aura sessions will be on special all weekend long.

and the BIG NEWS:  My new book:  The Aura, is now available for purchase from  I will have a few books on hand for sale at my booth.  Ask your favorite bookstore too order the book for you, or order direct from author house yourself.  Book is available in soft & hard cover, and ebook.  

As you may have realized, the cold winter that was experienced has virtually re-set the planet, cleared by freezing lol, old energy patterns, and removed the stagnant energy that blanketed the general consciousness of the land.  In shosrt we truly have a new beginning on earth now.  At the time of this newsletter writing, I believe we will have one or two more snow falls, then spring will finally arrive.  so take heart--warm weather is coming.

Allow the springtime to be a time of renewal for you on all levels.  let me help you clean out the worn and torn aura field and replace it with a new lighter 5th dimensional field of crystal light.

The Lightbody ascension process has finally been birthed, and this spring, as the snow finally melts under sunny blue skies, we also can bloom where we are planted in life, and bring a fresh new breath to our wonderful time on this earth.

Spirit is celebrating with mankind as the heavy veils are lifted, and the thin whispy veils of crystal take their proper place on earth.

Now is the time to put the finishing touches on what remaiins of your past, and prepare yourself for your new tomorrow.

I have been working very hard at getting my last book ready for publlishing.  To date, I am in the final stages of editing and re-writing and proofing.  the title of my last book in this series will be:  A Numerology Book To Treasure.  If you ever wanted to know the secrets behind numerology, this will be the book for you to read.  Should be rready for purchase late summer, early fall of 2014.

After the book is published, I plan to expand Star Light Connection.

For those of you who live in Michigan, I remain available for private appointments and healing sessions.  I have three classes that I am teaching at the St. Clair Shores Adult Ed building.  you can register for those classes by calling:  586 285-8880.  They are very inexpensive.  April 29th:  Your Guardian Angels.  May 6th:  Aromatherapy,  and May 13th:  Let's Read Tea Leaves

As always, Monday night meditation circle is held between 7-8:30ish in Warren.  Cost is $25.00 call or contact me to reserve your seat.  No experience is necessary, all levels are welcome.

In the near future all newsletters will be posted on the website and no longer will be sent via my internet explorer mailing list.  If you want to continue to receive the newsletter, please sign up to be a member of my website so you can download the newsletter for free whenever you desire.  

Happy (almost) Spring!


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