February 2014


Star Light Connection Family of Light Newsletter #1  February 2014

 Hello Friends

 There is so much I would like to share with all of you.  As you may know, my newsletters have been few and far between lately.  The energetic changes are so rapid, transmutations so surprisingly quick, that it would seem that the “news”  that I attempt to share becomes “past news”  almost immediately after the words hit the paper.  This is a direct result of living in the “now” moment.  It’s wonderful for me, but I tend to forget that some of you still are working towards living in the “now moment” and depend upon receiving the information that I share  regardless if the “news” being shared is “new” or “old” in my reality…so here is the latest I can share with you…….


First and foremost, I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to every individual who attended my lecture at the Victory of Light Fair this past November, as well as those of you who visited my table, signed up for a free mini reading, or decided to have a session with me.   Your support, as I share my soul purpose with humanity,  is deeply appreciated.  By the way, the winner of a free mini reading is Jeanne Snyder for Saturday, and Tina Wall for Sunday.  Please contact me to receive your mini reading by the end of February.


The energy on the planet is currently quite interesting.  For everyone who listened to my prediction last summer/fall when I said it was going to be a long and bitter winter and if you can swing it—head south for the winter.  If you were able to take action and went south this winter, then you, like me, are enjoying the sunshine of southern USA and are out of the chilling temperatures the rest of the country is experiencing.   This winter is rough because the planet is re-setting.  Like a bear, she is hibernating right now and actually requires the cold frigid weather the majority of the country is currently experiencing to do so.  Even sunny Florida has had unseasonably cold days, so no part of the USA has escaped the re-setting process.    There is stillness across the land right now—can you feel it?  Are you taking advantage of this “lull” in energy frequency?  The planet has slowed down in many different ways for many reasons.  It’s time to breathe deeply, relax the hectic life you have been accustomed to living and take a re-set awareness break.  Think about it….with the cold bitter weather crossing the country, how many individuals, adults and children alike have been forced to stay home and alter their daily routine of work or going to school, etc.?  Being forced out of a daily routine is a golden opportunity to review one’s life and make changes (re-setting) to ones priorities.


So think about it…..are you still living your life at a fast pace?  Do you still catch yourself saying that you have no time for this or to do that?  Do you still experience short sleep cycles, insomnia, and awake tired even after an eight hour rest cycle?  If you said yes, you need to STOP immediately and re-evaluate the quality of your life.  For those of us who have let the fast pace of life dictate our soul urges, this is your re-setting time.  Figure out what is out of sync and put it to rights—soon—for when the cold weather finally departs our land, a quick spring (ramping up time) will usher in strong winds to clear the energy field of mother earth.  Once cleared, most individuals will experience a hot and intense summer.  Time to “ponder” what to do for the rest of your life and how to balance a work/life/home/family time agenda will be even more difficult to master later if you procrastinate now.  And even now, despite the hibernation of the earth in a cold blanket of snow, “time” is quietly moving quickly by.  My goodness, it is already the last week of January and it seems that Christmas was just a week or two ago.  And as I post this to the website, it is already February 5.  Before you know it, the deadline for filing your income taxes will be upon us all and many individuals will be applying for time extensions this year.  That will coincide with the frequency of the planet as it begins to ramp of to embrace her next. 


And what is the next for our beloved planet?  She already has ascended to the 5th dimensional frequency but the majority of her inhabitants are resonating at a 3rd or 4th dimensional awareness.  Those souls who resonate or believe they resonate at a 5th dimensional frequency are not as great in numbers as we would have liked them to be.  What happened to the lightworkers?  Where did they go?


Since 2011 and the spiritual polling of every incarnate soul this planet’s future has been first and foremost in the hearts and minds of our off planet spiritual brotherhood as well as those who care and are aware as incarnate souls.  As the crystalline grid overlaid itself over the original and very tired and torn magnetic grid and gave to the magnetic grid a crystal support previously unheard of …this never before intervention from spirit simply and completely altered the projection of our evolution as a people and a planet.  Earth now could evolve to its polar star potential and every incarnate soul could evolve to their lightbody potential.  Wow.  History in the making.  AND YOU, yes YOU knew that this was a possibility IF certain conditions were met and YOU stood in line waiting for a body so you could be here on this planet—at this time in history—You wanted to be a part of universal history that has never been accomplished before!   YOU contributed to making those conditions happen!


At this point in time….every incarnate soul should take a moment out of their busy life and take a deep breath and compliment themselves for a job well done.  From the soul who perfectly holds the worst and lowest level of divine negativity to the soul who holds the highest vision of heaven on earth.   ALL OF US TOGETHER have helped to formulate these conditions that allowed the ascension of this planet to happen.  This is a universal first. 


2012 Each soul was re-polled and asked….now that the planet ascended – your job completed- what would you like to do?  Leave the planet and go on to your next? Or Stay with the planet and continue to make history?  Many people elected to leave the planet and those of us who are left saw many tragic deaths, loss of loved ones, and the passing of many souls across the world.  As hard as it is, we must remember that leaving the planet was a choice many took as their plan A in life.   For those that decided to stay, we were polled again and were given another choice, an opportunity to begin again if we wished it.  An opportunity to have a new soul purpose—a new place to serve mankind.   Many have called this a reincarnation within the same lifetime, and in many ways it would appear that way because people have abruptly left marriages, jobs, homes and locations simply to begin anew somewhere else and often with someone new.  Many have even changed their names to reflect their new frequency vibration and moved to locations on the earth they never imagined themselves to be at.  For those that decided to embrace change within their current lifestyle, job, location, etc.  they struggle with issues of belonging, uncertainty, and embracing their core beliefs.  Yet others, are still contemplating the ramifications of making a change in their current life.   It’s all good.


2013 was a year that found many souls who elected to stay with the planet straddling the fence with one foot firmly rooted in 3D mentality and all that brings, and one foot rooted in 5D mentality and trying their best to cling to their vision of heaven on earth.  The out picture sent into the spiritual realms of group consciousness was that of chaos, confusion, and discontent.  For many lightworkers, they just wanted to be left alone---tired, worn out, exhausted from years of light body work, they had given their all and had little to nothing left to give.  Rest is what they need and a time to rest is what has been granted.  If this statement describes you….have you adequately rested?  I hope so, because soon you will be asked to actively participate in the evolution of this planet once again.  Take advantage of the lull period of time, it’s almost over. 


So what is gained ascending to 5th dimensional awareness when the incarnate souls who brought forth the conditions of that awareness are too tired to enjoy it and embrace the soul evolution it promises?  If it cannot be sustained—higher ground is lost.  What of the crystal children you say?  Well friends, at this point in time, the crystal children are just too young to take over the control of this planet.  The migration of their energy into political office, financial institutions, educations, medicine, etc. is just too overwhelming for their current age maturity.  There will need to be at least two more waves of crystal children required to reach maturity before this planet can fully be identified as an ascended crystalline planet.  We are on the road to achieve that goal.  As a planet and people,  we just took our very first step in that direction and have a way to go before the process completes.       


Spiritually Speaking…..2014 is the resting year.  This is the year when self-evaluation, self-analysis, re-grouping, re-setting ones frequency, and re-admitting ones soul purpose into the good of mankind will take place.  This winter if you haven’t slowed down….a snow storm snowed you in.  IF you don’t stop and rest this year, snow will be followed by flooding, flooding by wind, wind by fire, fire by drought, etc etc.  SO, let’s help our planet and take an individual rest so she also can re-set her frequency and re-focus on the goal of heaven on earth.  While resting, re-focus on your truth and the purpose of your being.  For many lightworkers, we are at a standstill.  Not knowing what is next, not thrilled with doing what we have done before, and wondering where we are going to go in the future, what we will do, and what our gifts and abilities are and how we can best serve mankind.  For many of us, we have been given new walking papers-- A new soul purpose, life, mission, goal, etc.  Take this year to explore that concept, and discover your next step in the lightbody ascension process for yourself.  Will you become a student again?  A leader?  A mover and shaker?  A worker-bee?  Are you still in the process of clearing having one foot in 3D and the other in 5D?  How has your spiritual signature been altered? Do you need to relocate or stay where you are rooted?  There are many questions to ask yourself this year and there is no rush to find the answers to your questions—everything is in YOUR divine timing.


So what will be the “trend” for everyone in 2014?  To answer that question I refer to numerology.  


2014, numerology speaking is a 7 universal  year.  7 is a number of spiritual attainment.  It is a time of reflection, going deep inside oneself, a time to declare ones beliefs, learn ones truth, walk with integrity, etc.   It is a time to re-connect with God, your Creator, honor Father, Mother, God.  Connect with spirit,….you get the picture.  Set everything else aside this year and focus on that aspect.  It is a year of SUBTLE awareness in this area.  Like quicksilver, it will be difficult to identify and to hold in your life but it is the undertone of all your actions.  So…become aware of what is subtle and running silently in the depths of your life this year.  J


Of course, each of us will embrace this opportunity thru a different aspect.  ALL ASPECTS ARE APPROPRIATE!  Give one another room to be individuals and quit judging people.  Everyone is different and we are all the same while we are different.    So add up your age and reduce it to a single digit and see how you will reflect the 2014-7 universal frequency in your outer world.  (and by the way, this is only the tip of iceberg on how one moves in life via their numbers.  If you want the full spectrum of how this year’s numbers will affect you, you can book a numerology session with me, or with your favorite numerologist.)


65 or 56 this year?  Then 6+5=11  = 2  (look at the “2” information)


1 individuals will utilize a 7 universal year as personal, all about them, self, ego is present always—being alone, time for self is vital this year—its not being “selfish”, but “self-honoring”.  It lasts for just this one time period, so take advantage of putting yourself first for a change.


2 individuals will require the opinions and view of others to formulate their actions in life.  Gathers of information and knowledge shapes their truth and what is expected of them.  These people are social this year and require the interaction of others in their life.  Open the door and let people into your life this year.


3 individuals will seek the 7 universal year via the avenue of their emotions, controlled and uncontrolled they do for others.  Emotions, drama and  interaction with children are predominant this year.  Caring for others is important to you, so don’t be afraid to step up and show a caring protection for others.


4 individuals will desire concrete knowledge and scientific facts to “ground” themselves in knowledge before saying that it is their truth—sticking by it and making it real for self and others needing foundation in life.  Digging deep for foundations, security, defense systems are important this year.


5 individuals will search everything out, believe what is told to them, and allows others to maneuver them into thought patterns that may not be representative of their inner truth.  5 people will have a difficult time embracing their inner truth if led astray by others.  Multi-tasking is their key word this year.  Don’t try to fight it, diversity and multi-tasking will be your middle name this year.


6 individuals will want to make this personal, for self and for others, caring and nurturing their truth to others, or by nurturing others truths and people.  They will feel responsible if they are not successful in helping others to find self this year.  Find these people in acts of humanitarians, working for or help those less fortunate in life. Guidance, and support for others this year.


7 individuals feel the impact of this vibration to their core.  Capable of going very deep inside and intensely working with their truth—to the point of obsession or addiction, they can become recluse.  So be careful not to isolate yourself from others this year.  People need people—especially this year!  Go deep to find yourself, then quickly emerge and share with others.  The double 7 of your personal number and the universal  year number makes this year especially intense.  Subtle will be felt by you and you will be able to identify as well as hold it in your hand IF you want to.


8 individuals will want to share their truth with others or take their truth and make a success from it. Like financial rewards, or self-gratification rewards.  All about the business aspects of capitalization on this frequency this year,  Many new businesses will be created this year—with the promise of great success.  Graduating from high school this year?  17?  This is your year to make a good impression on the world—your first opportunity to succeed in life!  Want a new career?—go for it!  This is your year to succeed! 


9 individuals will internalize this year and come out very strong.  Their strength will be seen by others yet they may feel insignificant.  Careful….you are very strong in your beliefs.  Make sure you re-connected with the “core” belief of your soul before getting stubborn about its place in your world.  Resist isolation as you weigh and measure everything in your life this year---keep what works and dispose of things that don’t.  You are setting the foundation for the next 10 years of your life this year!


No matter what your number is, everyone will go “inward” to discover your “truth”, “spiritual truth”, “soul signature”, or whatever it is you want to call it for a short period of time.  You will re-connect to your inner belief system, whether that is one of your own design, a religious training like the 10 commandments, or even a scientific based truth.  Whatever is deep inside of you—recognized by you as your truth—that is what needs to be re-connected to.  This is the best year to do that.  


Heads-up….next year you take your truth to the streets….wearing it as your badge of identification…2015 should be very interesting  indeed.  So, get it right this year!  J


MY NEXT EVENT IS  April 4th – 5th, the Victory of Light Fair in Sharonville, Ohio.  I plan to be there once again with my full line of services and Sunday lecture.


My lecture this year will be on Sunday (hopefully). 


Lecture Title:   Ascending The Aura


The next step in holding lightbody is having an ascended aura capable of stabilizing the frequency of crystal.  Attendees will learn how the aura is the key to ascension and anchoring heaven on earth.  This is a channeled lecture you won’t want to miss!


As we all move forward in the lightbody ascension process, focus will be placed upon two things:  1.  Our truth and 2. Our outer expression of our truth


This is clearly seen by viewing the aura.  The aura field is a place holder for everything we experience, past, present, future.  When you understand that fact, and learn how to clear the aura field from unwanted frequencies, then you have an opportunity to embrace heaven on earth.


My new book entitled:  The Aura, is now available in print and ebook format.  You can order the book at:  www.authorhouse.com   At Victory of Light I will have only a few copies to sell.  If you want to have my latest book, I would suggest purchasing it now from author house, bring it to the fair and I’ll be happy to autograph it for you at my table.


Keeping your aura field clear and clean is vital.  As crystal frequencies continue to download to our physical bodies, they often adhere to our negative frequencies residing in the aura field and the combination reacts as a sticky goo, making it difficult if not impossible to remove by our traditional energy healing methods.   In my healing practice, I’m seeing more and more of this gooey residue just starting to spread in the outer layers of the aura field.  Spirit has granted me permission to use an etheric surgical technique process to remove the gooey substance from the aura field.  So far, this downloaded process has worked for many clients.  However, the trick to avoiding the gooey substance in the first place it is keeping the aura clear and clean.


At the victory of light fair this April (note earlier date this year) I would strongly suggest getting your aura cleaned!  And if you have the gooey stuff starting to spread in the aura field, I’d suggest getting the aura cleansing session to remove it.


At the April show, I will continue to bring my full line of healing services to those of you seeking assistance. 


  • As a clairvoyant medium, I will offer basic psychic readings, past, present, future, as well as my many channeled sessions.  The rare opportunity to speak to your personal master teacher direct voice channeling session will also be available.

  • As a master healer, I will offer my full line up of healing and etheric surgery sessions

  • I will also have aura cleansing, energy balancing and chakra repair sessions.

  • My “new” aura healing session (haven’t named it yet—probably will be something simple like “removing the goo” session) will address the gooey substance either by removing any pockets of goo I find in your aura, or by re-setting the meridian lines of your aura to crystal to avoid the gooey interaction as higher frequencies download into your aura.


I will be “adjusting” the website:  www.starlightconnection.com  to reflect the new aura sessions once I give them a name. 

 As always, you can pre-pay for your sessions via paypal prior to the victory of light fair so you don’t have to worry about not having enough “cash” for your session with me.  Skype sessions are also available and very effective as a remote method of connecting with me.


That’s it for now.  See you in April!


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