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2016 News

Hello Everyone!  There is so much happening at Star Light Connection!  Thank you for checking into this site.

As the Lightbody Ascension Process is fully on its is the time to re-group, and take stock of your life.  In doing so, its time to clean out those closets of unwanted, unused items, and find them new homes.  Time to rekindle old relationships, practice unconditional forgiveness, and unconditional love.  Its time to take care of your sacred self.

In the process of doing all of this, our physical body has virtually gone thru the wringer with emotional release, stress, and in coping with the environmental changes, spiritual changes, and demands that we are making on it.

As a result, it is on the brink of being overwhelmed.  To avoid getting do want to avoid that don't you????  The physical body needs, NEEDS, to be recalibrated.  This is going to be a vital session to have in the days to come.

During the last week of July, 25th or so, until the first week of August, 9th or so, the energy is perfect for an easy recalibration of the physical body.

Check out the NEW HEADING under LightBody Ascension Process  Heading entitled 5D Ascension Process.  Under that heading is  RECALIBRATION 2016.  This is the session you will need right now.

Coming soon is a re-wiring session you may want to have that will connect your heart, pineal, third eye, and crown chakra to achieve the maximum potential at this point in time.

More new sessions coming soon.  Keep looking on the website.

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2015 Latest News:  Soon to come are new healing sessions to accommodate the new level of Lightbody that is available to everyone who desires to ascend in their personal growth and development.  In the Fifth Dimension, we get to take our bodies with us.  This is a great thing!  it really is!  However, if we have neglected, abused, or damaged the current body, we need to get that straightened out asap.  The higher energy now available allows everyone to do that if they desire to.  My new ascension healing sessions will focus on rejuvination of the current physical body, (Phase 1) and then take the rejuvinated physical body into its next spiritual journey (Phase 2).  Yes, the physical body has the ability to have a spiritual journey.  Your endeavors to embrace the spiritual journey that you have is only 1/2 of the process.  The other half of the journey centers around the spiritual growth of the physical body.  (phase 2).   

So stay tuned for new psychic services, healing sessions, and a whole lot more!  I'm in the refining stages of presenting these services to the public right now, but they should be ready later on this year.  I will probably debut them at the Victory of Light Psychic Expo this November.  stay tuned and check back often!

2014 News

Skype sessions are now available and a very popular method to receiving readings and healing sessions remotely

currently working on moving the skype sessions to google circle conferences.  (2015)


Embroidered Chakra Greeting and Intention Cards are expanding to include other healing symbols and signs.  These make great tools for intention and healing.  These are still available for 2015. 


My books can be purchased at  Make sure you type the full book title in the search box.

available now are:  The Aura,

                                Soul Identification and other goodies....

                                 The Chakra Energy System 

                                  Your Guardian Angels

                                  A Numerology Book to Treasure


New Session:  Aura 5th Dimensional Crystal Template Overlay is now available. 

CD from Spring Lecture now available.  CD or download. check out products page

These sessions were new for 2014, but will still be available in 2015 +

I am working on setting up a CD Library of all my lectures.  Unfortunately I cannot offer them as an immediate download, but will snail mail them to you.

Working on a blog.  yes that takes discipline on my part. ugh.....This free-thinking-  free-spirit has been "trying" to "blog" from my facebook page, but I'm not that disciplined at it, so.....follow me on facebook, and whenever I get the nudge from "spirit" I'll be typing again.

Until the next time........Enjoy your Freedom while you still have the freedom to enjoy it!

Check "What's New" often.  all news flashes will be posted here first.