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FALL 2017

The Lightbody Ascension Process is very grounded now within a lot of individuals.  

As the initial wave diminishes, the second wave begins..........

The ascension process is an on-going integration of Higher Frequencies into the lower 3D dense physical body.  By accepting the integration processes, one can elevate their 3D dense physical body to one of a lightbody caliber.  that is the goal.


to help with the integration process, "spirit" has downloaded several new healing modalities to facilitate a smooth integration of higher frequencies into our dense  physical body.   I will introduce  those healing sessions at the Victory of Light Fairs and offer them at a special discounted price when they are brand new services.......


Awareness that the dense 3D body has a soul of its own which has been dormant for many years, is part of the phase 2 of the lightbody ascension process.  Acknowledgement and helping this soul birth is your next step in ascension.


Birthing the physical body soul is difficult but not impossible.  Taking  responsibility for the soul is the challenge you will face.  I've birthed my soul in the spring of 2017 and integrated the soul into a multi-dimensional facet of myself during the summer of 2017.  It is a necessary requirement for ascension and fortunately for you, since I have been successful at this process, I now can help you birth physical body soul as well.