Links I Like

From time to time I run across a website that I really like.  Here are a few of them  features my published books.  Your Guardian Angels, Soul Identification and other goodies, The Chakra Energy System, The Aura, and soon to be published..Numerology  features one-of-a-kind dresses & jewelry for 18" american girl dolls, and 12" good fellow charity doll, and many more dolls.  Great Quality-Great Service!  If you have a little girl who plays with dolls, then you just have to check this website out!  features one-of-a-kind embroidery & quilting work.  Unique quilts, embroidered squares to order to finish in Your projects, embroidered greeting cards, hot pads, table runners, coasters, and so much more.  Beautiful Embroidery--one-of-a-kind items.....check it out! features cool designs on protective covers to protect your credit cards from unauthorized scanning when they are in your purse or wallet.  An inexpensive way to safe-guard your identity.  I've ordered several from this company--great service--great quality--peace of mind protection for my credit cards in my purse.  Check it out!  features the music of Mike Wall.  I had the privilege of meeting Mike and hearing him play his music, A Time For Healing--Thanks Mike for your gift of music to the world!