Karma Matrix Removal

Karma Matrix Removal

This is a session that removes the Karmic Imprints that enable recycling of old patterns and behavior that keep you locked into 3D and prevents you from your natural LightBody Ascension Process.

A KMR, Karma Matrix Removal is a session that follows a Higher Light Integration Session.

A Higher Light Integration Session follows an Etheric Inhibitor Crystal Removal for Old Souls and/or a Chakra Lock Removal for Indigo Souls. These soul groups greatly benefit from a KMR session once their inhibitors to 5D are removed and meridian lines smoothed out and open to Light from a Higher Light Integration Session.

A Karma Matrix Removal is repeated as often as you desire. Each session removes patterns deeper into the core until they are finally gone and you can totally embrace unconditional love, transpersonal positioning, and unconditional forgiveness. When you can do that, you are well on the path to a 5D way of living.

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