LightBody Ascension 3D

LightBody Ascension 3D

The LightBody Ascension process has already occurred on the planet Earth. For those individuals who have heard the clarion call and acted upon it, you have had your etheric inhibitor crystals removed and have held Light in your cellular body and have ascended the 3D density body in whatever level of attainment you have previously agreed to in your sacred soul contracts.

For the rest of you, you remained "asleep" during the ascension process and overall were not aware of the changes on the earth or concerned with your personal ascension. Everyone had a part to play, and remaining asleep in your spirituality was your part to play. Thank you. Now, things are different!

There are many of you who once were sleeping, are now awakening! Awakening to your spirituality can be a bit overwhelming at times, but it is a natural progression on your spiritual path. You are in the density of 3D and awakening to the Light of 5D here on Earth. To keep in step with the 5D Light of living, you need to do the LightBody Ascension Protocol as those who came before you did. You cannot be successful in 5D, unless you remove the 3D inhibitors!

What is good for you now is that the energy is lighter, and you will find it easier to do the work than those who have gone before you. If you follow in their footprints, you will speed through the process in no time flat!

These are the got to do's for each soul group!

Old Souls: You agreed to have a set of etheric inhibitor crystals embedded within your blueprints. These MUST come out now! They inhibit you from being the spiritual being of light that you were designed to be! Once out, your cellular body will absorb higher light! The cells will actually seek out light rather than hide from it. Your thresholds will be raised, and you can begin to live an empowered life of Light. You NEED this session: Etheric Inhibitor Crystal Removal.

Indigo Souls: Your chakra centers were wide open when you were born, but from around 20yrs old, they began to slowly close down. They are designed to close completely down and stay locked down until the death of the physical body. There are locks and pins in the chakra that allows the chakra to rust close and then to calcify. The older you are, the more closed down you become! You NEED a Chakra Lock Removal Session!

Star Children: Star Children do not have inhibitors, but they are handicapped as well. With Star Children they come previously "mated". This perfect mate compliments each other and is aligned for the same mission, goal, purpose in coming to this planet. Without their mate, star children feel lost, and thereby inhibited in becoming all they can be in this incarnation. I am not a matchmaker, but I would suggest finding your correct mate and teaming up with them as quick as you can! Mates of Star Children are liken to "soul mates", "twin flames", etc., you will recognize each other right off!

Elohim, Hybrid Splits, & Crystal Children: These soul groups have the same inhibitor--toxins. These soul groups have empathy and consequently are "healers" in this life. They take in the pain of others, transmute the pain to joy, and send it back into the Omni-verse. When they get bogged down and overwhelmed with the "pain and suffering" in life, and take it on to transmute it without processing all of it, it stays in their bodies. When enough has stayed, it begins to overflow into their life and their inner beauty, smiles, joy, happiness, etc., begins to slowly dwindle until the physical body becomes ill. It becomes ill because they forgot how to flush the toxins out of their body, they require a toxin flush (toxin release healing) to restore their wellness, and remember how to do that for themselves once again.

After the inhibitors are removed via the appropriate method listed above, then the following protocols should be considered in order to keep oneself healthy and empowered.

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