5D DNA Repair & Activation

DNA Repair & Activation

Good For All Old Souls, Indigo Children, Star Children with mixed lineage markers working within their ascended LightBody

Your inert (unclassified DNA fragments) are embedded with your personal 5D Ascension Codes. These inert fragments of your DNA once were viable DNA strands. These strands hold your 5D Ascension Codes and were deliberately shattered when you agreed to incarnate on Earth. These strands were shattered for the purpose of preventing the physical body from advancing beyond the 3D aspect of life. At the time of the DNA shattering decision, Earth was unlikely to ascend. However, now that she has ascended, each incarnate soul needs their personal Ascension Codes to ascend from Earth and break the reincarnation cycle of life.

This is a new session for 2018.

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