Keeper Alignment Session

Keeper Alignment Session

Recommended for All Soul Groups

In this session, the "Keepers" of your body are communicated with and their voice is acknowledged.

This session can go in many directions indicated by your "keepers" responses, and their programming.

1. We can change the programming of your "keepers" from 3D to 5D

2. We can re-align "keepers" who are not working together as a "team" in your behalf and resolve issues.

3. We can re-negotiate your "keeper contracts" and build new relationship goals.

4. We build a stronger line of communication for you to use with your "keepers" establishing a new base line.

One of these items will stand out when the door of communication to the "keepers" is opened by me. Whatever that would be for you, that is the topic that will be worked on in your session. Your "keepers" dictate the tone of the session and we dictate the strategies. We will come to consensus before your session ends!

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