Karmic Seed Removal

Karmic Seed Removal

good for all soul groups

Within the core of each emotional response is a karmic seed crystal that holds memories of repression to light. This "seed" is buried very deep. By doing a series of Emotional Release Therapy Healing Sessions, one can loosen up the cement that binds the "seed" to the emotion you wish to transform to higher Light. When the "seed" is loosened up a bit, I go in and simply remove it. After it is removed, it is highly recommended that you follow up with a few cellular reprogramming sessions and re-connective sessions, especially a karma matrix removal, to remove the lingering traces of the emotion you just completed.

This session, and the supporting sessions are highly recommended to embracing the LightBody Ascension Process, or greatly supportive of any transformational session you are doing in your 3D life.

Disclaimer: All Healing Sessions offered on this website do not take the place of professional medical care. IF you have a medical or psychological concern, please seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor.

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KARMIC SEED REMOVAL Good for all soul groups EXCEPT Crystal Children In the Fall of 2006, spirit channeled some very valuable information to my meditation group. Spirit said that one of the reasons that people keep repeating cycles of drama in their life was because the Karmic Root of...