Advanced Healing Sessions

Advanced Healing Sessions

People are unique, therefore, there is not a one size fits all healing session that will work for each individual. Yes, under General Healing Sessions link you can find the traditional aura cleanse and chakra balance sessions, but for more exact work, especially if someone is working hard at walking their soul path, a one-size fits all healing session will not do the job as well as a special session designed just for the issue or situation that you are dealing with at the moment.

These healing sessions are designed to facilitate areas of interest that could be keeping one from living an empowered life. Where necessary, I have achieved certification to administer a particular healing session. Other sessions have been "downloaded to me from spirit" or a session I have recovered from my vast memory recall.

If a session sounds good, or intrigues you, then that is the one you should get. If you are not sure or are debating between two or more, sleep on it and allow yourself to become clear. If that doesn't work, then call/email me and I'll help you to decide which session would work the best for you at this moment in time.

Disclaimer: All Healing Sessions offered on this website do not take the place of professional medical care. IF you have a medical or psychological concern, please seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor.

All Healing Sessions are for your entertainment purposes only and are not refundable

Heart-Mind Connection Recommended for all Soul Groups This is a surgical healing session Very few physical healers have been gifted from Spirit with the ability to add “etheric re-wiring” to their healing repertoire. As a certified Etheric Laser Surgeon, I have passed...

Journey Work Journey Work is a valuable session; but, it is a tough session to have. Good for all soul groups Basically, Journey Work takes you back to a place in your history (this lifetime mostly) where you got stuck emotionally. It is the place of unforgiveness--the place where...