Liquid Light Infusion

Liquid Light Infusions

Infusions are recommended for all soul groups

What are Liquid Light Infusions?

Liquid Light Infusions have a similar look and feel of warm honey. This substance (etherically) is infused into the matrix of the spiritual body. The higher consciousness of the infusion merges with your spiritual greatest good and "infuses" its magical healing into your essence. Most individuals feel a warm glow from deep inside when they receive an infusion of light.

If you have been working on your spiritual path, doing a lot of processing and clearing work, your body is on its way to being clear and clean. The clearer and cleaner the body is, and the clearer your communication is with your body and the more apt you are to totally feel this infusion of Light.

Although there are several infusions available to choose from, only select the infusion that "resonates" with you. That is the infusion that you may need at this time and should select.

Infusions are available for all of the individual chakra centers. When used in a specific chakra center, the honey-type infusion stays right in that chakra and does not spread throughout the entire body. It works only in the chakra it is intended for.

The only infusion that I know that spreads throughout the body is the Liquid Light Opalescence Glitter infusion. People choose that infusion when something they wish to clear has infiltrated the body system as a whole. This infusion is blessed by Grace Elohim and Archangel Ariel. It is one of the most common infusions that people request.

Not all "healers" are cleared for this level of healing nor for administering "infusions" directly from spirit. I have been trained and certified as an Etheric Laser Surgeon to specifically trained to safely handle the "infusions". In this training, I had to pass many stringent level clearances as conducted and defined by the Takh Continuum and the Merkavah Ein Soph Councils of Light as well as pass the scrutiny of many High Healing Councils of Light too numerous to list here. I passed.

I have been given expressed sacred permission from the Office of The Christ and the Office of the Divine Mother to administer "infusions of Light" to incarnate souls as needed.

Infusions of Light are powerful intervention tools to immediately effect a change. Choose Infusions when you require a direct intervention in your life from The Office of the Divine Mother and/or The Office of The Christ, our Mother/Father/God.

Liquid Light Infusions
Unconditional Love
Choose this infusion when you specifically want an Infusion from the Office of The Divine Mother. This infusion holds the Goddess energy and is very popular. It can be administered where ever Spirit directs its greatest need within your physical body.

Choose this infusion when you are working on opening your third eye for clairvoyance.

Crown Chakra
Choose this infusion when you wish to raise the threshold of Light that the crown chakra can process assisting you to attain enlightenment and wisdom. This infusion is a gift from The Office of The Christ.

Liquid Light (general - Opalescence Glitter)
Choose this infusion to open the cellular structure of the physical body to receive Higher Light. Helps to move the darkness of the physical body, typically associated with disease, and negativity, toxins etc to receive Higher Light—thereby promoting healing.

Individual Chakra
Choose this infusion when you have a specific chakra issue that is resistant to any other intervention. The infusion breaks up the block that is present and cuts a path for wellness.

Heart-Mind Connection
Choose this infusion when your heart and your mind just cannot get along and work as a team. This infusion eliminates the disconnect and allows communication to return.

Disclaimer: All Liquid Light Infusions offered on this website do not take the place of professional medical care. IF you have a medical or psychological concern, please seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor.

All Liquid Light Infusions are for your entertainment purposes only and are not refundable