Chakra Tune-Up Healing Session

Chakra Tune-Up Healing Session

Good for all Lightworkers and Crystal Children who have spherical chakra centers; Old Souls who have had their Inhibitor Crystals Removed; and Indigo Children who have had their Chakra Locks removed.

This is a very specific healing session that aligns the chakra centers to the physical body via their spherical resonance, frequency and vibration. It only works with sphere chakra centers.

Crystal Children have spherical centers. Most Star Children, and Elohim soul groups have spheres for chakra centers and can and should have this kind of balancing session to bring the rotation of their chakra centers back to a zero spin ratio.

Old Souls and Indigo Children have cone chakra centers and typically should get the traditional chakra balancing technique done (spin rotation).

EXCEPTIONS to this are Old Souls:

who have had their Inhibitor Crystals Removed. This mutates the chakra center to a sphere center and ONLY new balancing tune-up sessions can correctly adjust the rotation spin to a zero ratio.


who have had their Indigo Chakra Locks removed. This expands the chakra center and releases the spin ratio to be at the correct ratio for Indigo Children.

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