Any Template, Matrix, Blueprint, or Etheric Repair

Any Template, Matrix, Blueprint, or Etheric Repair

Recommended for All Soul Groups

Whenever there is a rip, tear, disconnect, implosion, hole, structure invasion, or deliberate damage to any of the matrix grid structures that comprise your templates, sacred blueprints, etheric body, meridian line matrix, etc., it will require a surgical procedure to make it right again. Unfortunately, a mere "energy healing" will not do the job correctly.

Etheric surgery is a skilley trade in the healing arts. Very few "healers" are consciously trained or are capable of being trained for this level of surgery. Most are happy just doing energy healing and fixing a few minor things that come up in the energy fields of their clients, and, that is fine! Only a select few have the desire to put in the long hours of training to achieve surgical status, and fewer still go on to complete laser training and grid construction.

This happens in the physical plane as well. For example, there are many individuals who wish to become a doctor and they take the required courses to do so; however, they do not wish to add additional training required to specialize in a certain aspect of medicine, so, they are happy being in family medicine, paramedics, nursing, etc. And Yet, there are some who go on to specialize and become neuro brain surgeons for example. They study many additional years in a field of expertise before they are recognized as a specialist and/or surgeon in that field. So, if you required specialized surgery, you would not go to your family practice medical M.D. doctor because they would most likely not be surgically trained to do the surgery, and if they did do the surgery chances are that they would be in over their heads, especially if something went wrong, and would most likely need assistance to complete the surgical procedure correctly.

Likewise, if you find yourself requiring spiritual etheric surgery, make sure that the individual you select to begin the surgical healing is certified, trained and capable of completing the procedure successfully. Healers that tell you that they allow "spirit to do the healing or assist in the healing" are really saying to you that in the event that they meet a problem in the healing and then they recognize that they are in over their heads. In order to complete the healing successfully, they call upon and need help and assistance from their spirit helpers. There are many healers like this and thank goodness we have spirit healers monitoring every healing that is done by healers who are in the physical body.

When it comes to my body, if I need help, I seek out one of my peers to assist me in my healing needs. Someone who is trained, certified, confident, and thoroughly knows what they are doing. Spirit helpers are always there to observe the "healer/surgeon" while he/she works on a client and will step in only if invited to do so or when an extra pair of hands is required. They are there for advice, to pull up legacy blueprints, run stats and other duties that the healer/surgeon would require. At this level of surgical healing, the spirit healers only observe and advise. Rarely do they intervene and complete the healing procedure. They acknowledge, respect, and show honor to the physical healer's expertise to perform a surgical/healing for their client.

Disclaimer: All Healing Sessions offered on this website do not take the place of professional medical care. IF you have a medical or psychological concern, please seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor.

All Healing Sessions are for your entertainment purposes only and are not refundable

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