Etheric Surgical Healing Sessions

Etheric Surgical Healing Sessions

Before getting a session, you should know who your etheric surgeon is. Whether it is me, or someone else, never be afraid to ask if they are qualified to do this work for you, and if they are certified to do so.

My Qualifications:

Since a very young age, I have been fascinated with the energy patterns of the human body. I love this level of healing! On my spiritual journey in this lifetime, I have traced my love and knowledge of healing and uncovered the core base foundations that I have learned and practiced in healing throughout time. To uncover my past experiences, I did extensive past life hypnosis, had multiple authentic channelings verifying my qualifications, and have been acknowledged by quite a few "walk-ins" who not only recognized me from "their place of origin" or by the legacy of healing I had/have left behind, or from first-hand healing experiences with me. And I must say, when these facts were revealed to me, I was surprised at how well known I am in the off-planet healing circles. And it is with a humbled attitude that I share this information with my readers. So to continue......

My foundational base is vast and has connections throughout the many universes, planets, peoples, galaxy's, dimensions, parallels, life-based and multi-dimensional systems that comprise what we refer to as "life" from all multi-aspects! From what I have researched, I not only practiced healing in all of these off-planet places, but have mastered the healing modalities that I learned. I earned the title of Master Healer in many of my past life experiences.

When I dig deep into my past life knowledge base, I embrace my Highest Potential as a Master Healer for my clients today, and step into that empowerment for them!

I simply love working in the etheric lightbody fields: the astral body, the matrix fields, blueprints, templates, ketheric plates and various structures. In this life incarnation, I have studied healing modalities all my life. I have taken many healing classes in my younger years, served as a Brotherhood of Light Healer, and have served in many local spiritualists churches as a healer as well. I also have been trained as an Etheric Laser Surgeon (1996-7) and hold the title of Lotus Sword Master Healer. I am acknowledged as a Master Healer by the Knights of the Solar Cross, many multi-dimensional healing and surgical "ships", (Excalibur, Lotus Sword, Blossom, etc.) and have served on many additional Healing of Light Councils and in The Brotherhoods of Healing.

So, when the time arrives where you require a surgical intervention to assist with the wellness of your physical body, not only should you turn to your medical doctor or surgeon to make that correction for you; but, you should also consider having an etheric laser surgeon do the surgery required in the astral field and in your blueprints first. Then let the physical surgeon work his magic in the physical body, and come back to your etheric laser surgeon for your post operation healing.

Its just a suggestion.......Something you might want to consider.

Disclaimer: All Healing Sessions offered on this website do not take the place of professional medical care. IF you have a medical or psychological concern, please seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor.

All Healing Sessions are for your entertainment purposes only and are not refundable

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