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OM  The universal sound of healing, centering, grounding, connecting

The OM symbol is widely recognized and is very powerful.  Hanging this card in any room, space, or area will alter and change the frequency of the space.

Great for placing over a massage table, healing area, meditation space, or a sanctuary of anykind.  Be creative and tape it to the ceiling for your clients, patience in waiting rooms, examination rooms, massage rooms.  Helps to relax and change up vibrations.

Know someone who is going thru a stressful time?  This card will help them to find balance, order, and structure in their life once again, and may also possibly put them right back onto their soul path. 

With focused intention, this card can work wonders in your life and in the lives of others.

This card has a deep purple border, with gold squares around the edges.  The squares allow "energy" to flow between blocks, stress, negativity, etc., and provides the "white space" to transform the energy into a positive flow.

The OM symbol of itself is embroidered in Gold.  Purple and Gold are two colors that are well respected in the spiritual community to denote spiritual achievement, mastery, and in our mundane world, gold and purple are considered the colors of royalty.

This is a powerful card to give to others, or to keep for yourself. 

Frame it, take it to work with you, hang it on your refrigerator, tape it to your ceiling, entrance of your home, etc.  

Do you know of a place that negative dark energies exist or a room where a bad situation has occured?  Tape this card to the walls, ceilings, doors, place it under the rug, put it on the window edge, and change up the vibration of the room to that of a higher vibration. 

Each OM card that I sell will be "infused" with a  Lightbody Ascended White Light universal healing energy that will become "active" when you receive the card, open it,  and put a "focused intention" to it. 

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