CARD Thank You - Hospitality MSC 000



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Thank you for your Hospitality Card


This card is pretty unique and was made to thank someone for opening their home to me when I was traveling.  I put it in this section to see if anyone really is looking at the Embroidered card section of this website.

If you like this card, I do have one to sell.  Although it can be duplicated at any time. 

It should be listed, and it is, on my sister site  along with a lot of other general, and specific greeting cards that I have embroidered and created. 

If you have a chance, check the site out. 

Embroidered Greeting Cards are a very personalized way of letting someone know that they are special to you, so special that you took the time to seek out a very unique card for them---a card that no one else can buy in a retail store---a personalized embroidered card.

thanks for looking.

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