Chakra Cards

Chakra Cards

More than a greeting card, these cards can be used as a tool for focused intention healing.

Here is how focused intention healing works: When energy gets stuck, chakras cannot work properly. Chakra Cards stimulate specific color frequencies that they represent to encourage the chakra center to work properly again. These are designed to work with the exercises and instructions for healing and detoxing a chakra center as described in my book: The Chakra Energy System (buy it here)

What are they?

The Embroidered Chakra Card designs were inspired by "spirit" as a method to send healing energy to individuals via via first class mail. The embroidered design and color represent the individual chakra centers.

I designed, digitized, copyrighted, and embroidered the designs and attached them to a quality cardstock greeting card. Each card is blank on the inside, comes with an envelope, and can be mailed. Approximate size is 5x7

As a Master Healer, when each card is completed, I "infuse" the Chakra Card with the correct color frequency and vibration for the chakra center that the card represents.

You can always request specific healing energy to be "infused" per individual healing preference. There is no additional cost for that, but the request must be made at time of purchase.

What does the symbol mean?

The images on the card are important. Let us look at the symbols used and what they mean.

The border, a solid color line. Each card has a border, a solid color line that represents the base color of the intended chakra center. This border stimulates the frequency signature of the chakra center. The solid line emits a sense of “foundation” and “safety” to the chakra center at its core center.

The Border Square: This color, is a shade of the base color of the chakra center and connects to the higher vibration of the chakra. The white space in-between helps to stimulate the highest potential frequency available for wellness and enlightenment.

The background flame Each chakra spins energy. As energy spins from the core of the chakra it appears like tongues of flames fanning outward from the center core creating several inner vortices of energy. Each chakra spins a specific number of vortices of energy. This symbol helps one to visualize the spin of the chakra center as it fans outward. Some people associate the open and closed tongues of flames as the "wings of the phoenix".

The center circle. This represents the core or center of the chakra center. It is where the chakra seals reside. It is also where the connective energy cord resides. This cord connects the front and back chakra centers to each other in the "cone style" chakra shape. In a 5th dimensional expanded "sphere chakra" shape, the center circle represents the inner core where the creative stillness is found. It is always shown in its deepest base color.

The inner spokes and circles. These represent the partitions of the vortices within the chakra center. Each chakra has a specific number of inner vortices of energy that keeps the chakra happy and functioning with wellness. All vortices are connected together as symbolized by the connective lines that each solid circle has to the inner and outer circle. Together, this symbol helps stimulate chakra integrity.

The upper & lower circles. These represent the “potential expansion” of the chakra while it is in its infant shape (cone) and before it emerges into its "ascended shape" (spherical). These balls act as lock and key to keep the chakra from mutating to its ascended shape prior to its original programming. These are required for the integrity of the chakra center.

So as you can see, there is nothing “hidden” in the symbol of these cards, but true integrity and transparency for the chakra to absorb and remember its’ purpose and function--wellness for the body.

How do these cards work?

When an individual receives the card and opens it for the first time, the blast of "infused healing energy" that was infused into the card (as well as any additional energy that was requested to be infused for that person) is immediately received by them. The "infused energy" continues, endlessly, to transmit into the energy field of the individual as long as they have the card close to them (in the same room). The "infused" energy is attracted to the auric field of the individual and merges with the field, thereby supplying the aura with the energy it needs to maintain chakra wellness.

By placing the chakra card in a place where you can see it everyday, it not only helps to remind you that healing is working in your life, but it also can connect to your aura field and "send" energy into your aura. Most people hang the card on their refrigerator door, or tape it to a cupboard, wall, or mirror. Some put it into a frame and place it on a table, or take it to work and put it on their desk. Working with your Chakra Card helps remind you everyday that healing energy is pouring into your aura field, and you can take control of your own wellness by working with the card and believing it is so.

Some individuals use the Chakra Cards as a communication tool to help them "talk" to their chakra center. This technique is taught in my book The Chakra Energy System. Communicating with your chakra centers is especially helpful when one is detoxing a chakra or healing specific parts of ones' body.

Some individuals purchase all of the Chakra Cards so they can have them handy at a moments notice. Others have mounted the Chakra Cards in a nice arrangement on a wall to help remind them to maintain a healthy chakra energy system. When you find a "tool" that works, it is always recommended to use it! This "tool" works!

These Embroidered Chakra Cards are an excellent communication and healing tool. They also support the healing exercises and communication methodologies I present in my book The Chakra Energy System. Order the book here.


All Embroidered Chakra Cards offered on this website do not take the place of professional medical care. IF you have a medical or psychological concern, please seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor.

All Embroidered Chakra Cards are for your entertainment purposes only and are not refundable

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