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7th chakra card - crown chakra center

The 7th chakra is associated with the top of the head.  The color varies from shades of purple and indigo, to peach and silver.  The crown chakra houses the silver cord that connects the soul to the oversoul or Godhead in spirit, that connecting cord is very important when you are spiritually awakening.  Typically this chakra center is activated as one begins to awaken to their spiritual path in life.

Select this card when:

You are spiritually awakening, when you want to make a "connection" to "All There Is", the "GodHead", or other religious/spiritual diety of your choice.

When you desire to have communication with "spirit".  when you seek information about your purpose, place, reason, mission, and soul path in life.

when you wish to leave the mundane lower living that the world offers behind, and seek higher wisdom, knowledge, and life style.

When you are attempting to embrace unconditional love for self and others, unconditional forgiving for self and others, unconditional tolerance for anything,

When you want to become a part of the energy connection that connects each of us to everything and everyone else in this world.

When you are embracing the Lightbody Ascension Process, when you want to connect to the new Crystal Children on a personal and deep level, when you are spiritually developing.

When you are spiritually negative, when you think that only you are the best reader out there and everyone else is not good.  When you are the very best healer and no one else can heal like you; when you are spiritually significant, when you sit in spiritual judgment of others, when Your path to enlightment is the ONLY PATH that everyone needs to follow, when you know who you are and everyone else has got it wrong.  When you feel as if you know it all and are too good to associate with others who are beneath you. 

and especially when you believe that you have the world in the palm of your hand and can do no wrong----you really NEED this card then!

Physical ailments associated with this chakra is any issue that is about the head, metabolism of the body, blood circulation, lymph circulation, blood vessels (and heart too), connections with anything (body-mind-soul).  Head is about CONNECTIONS, what connects to something.  It is in the connection.  Nerves, etc. tics, nervous conditions that affect a connection to something else.  etc.

For more information about the seventh chakra, what outside stimuli deforms the energy flow, how to hear its message, and how to fix a dysfunctional seventh chakra, you may wish to read the book:  The Chakra Energy System.  available on this website and at:

Please note.  I have ONE card that is imperfect.  The colors I used were test colors and did not carry the energy that I expected to achieve with the card.  It still is a good card to use, petals are yellow & lilac.  The yellow brings to the card "wisdom of spirit" and with the lilac  blend its overall signature bestows higher wisdom which is also achieved in the 3rd eye card.  Also the registration is off on the card at one place, other than that it is a good card to use. One only is available at a discounted price.  When it is sold, I will not be making anymore of that color blend.

The 7th chakra card CRD 841 will be the card that I will be featuring on the site.  The silver and lilac petals are perfect for bringing the connective energy of this chakra into the physical manifestation that this card represents. 

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