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5th Chakra Card - Blue - Throat

The 5th chakra governs the throat area of the body.  Select this card when:

You have difficulties verbalizing your thoughts, when your mouth runs on and you can't shut up and say more than what you wanted to.  When you need to be the center of attention - talking about anything - just to talk.

When you can't keep a secret, betray a confidence, gossip, tattle on someone, have a "cutting conversational tongue", when you can't say anything good about someone, so you just keep running them down. 

When no one can shut you up so they can talk.  When you dominate conversations. 

When you have difficulties discerning wisdom and relaying that to others.  When the thought process gets jumbled. When others think you are filled with "hot air".  When your words and conversations carry no weight with others whatsoever. 

When you are frustrated from lack of recognition in life. 

when you have an inability to simply "talk" to someone without being self conscious.  Afraid to speak in groups, functions, afraid to express an opinion, afraid to defend your position, fear of saying something stupid, fear of being discredited, fear of not pronouncing your words correctly, limited by language barriers, etc.

Physical manifestations of a blocked throat chakra would look like: cronic sore throats, mouth and jaw issues, lung disease, flu, bronchitis, breathing issues, vocal cord issues, teeth issues, etc.

For more information about the fifth chakra, what outside stimuli deforms the energy flow, how to hear its message, and how to fix a dysfunctional fifth chakra, you may wish to read the book:  The Chakra Energy System.  available on this website and at:

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