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2nd Chakra Card - Orange

The second chakra center is called the Sacral Center.  It governs our sexual responses in life and our lower passions in life.

Select this card when:

You have sexual concerns, dysfunctional or mis-aligned sexual preferences, uncontrollable urges, no urges, etc.

You have passion swings from trust to jealousy, tolerance to intolerance, etc., cannot control your emotions, require anger management, feel unjustly treated due to sexual orientation, unliked by the opposite sex, not able to achieve sexual release, unable to maintain sexual relationships, sexual dysfunctions of all kinds.

When jealousy over what is "yours" over-rules your logical thought process that knows that you don't "own" anyone.

When your passion for material possessions overrules your ability to pay for your possessions.  When your finances are ruled by your passions and not your income.  When making ends meet is difficult and it affects your sexuality.  (women forced to work in a man's job--men forced to be "housewifes - babysitters"),  any unemployment that affects sexuality and sexual attitudes .

Addictions of any kind.  Addictions that are substitutes for a healthy sexual lifestyle.

When you are treated like a doormat in life, and your heart still wants to help.   When you are in an abusive relationship and believe it is love, or that you deserve to be treated like that.

When you feel "entitled" that something you want, but possibly haven't earned is held from you.

When you cannot "love" without attaching a string or condition to that love.  Conditional loving--for self or for others.  Conditional living in general.  Inability to forgive oneself or another.  Eye for an Eye attitudes in life.  Inability to give without expectating something in return.

Sexual disease, reproduction issues are just a couple of the physical manifestations that occur in this chakra center.

For more information about the 2nd chakra, what outside stimuli deforms the energy flow, how to hear its message, and how to fix a dysfunctional 2nd chakra, you may wish to read the book:  The Chakra Energy System.  available on this website and at:

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