Chakra Healing Cards

Embroidered Chakra Healing Cards  -- Can be ordered if out of stock!

More than a greeting card, these cards can be used as a tool for focus intention healing. 

Here is how focused intention healing works:  When energy gets stuck, chakras cannot work properly.   Chakra Healing Cards stimulate specific color frequencies to encourage the chakra to work properly again. 

The images on the card are important.  Let us look at the symbols used and what they mean.

The border, a solid color line.   Each card has a color line that represents the base color of the intended chakra center stimulating the frequency signature of that center.  The line is solid emits a sense of “foundation” and “safety” to the chakra center. 

The Border Square:  The color connects to the higher vibration of the chakra center and the white stimulates the highest frequency available for wellness and enlightenment. 

The background flame.  Each chakra spins energy. As energy spins from the core of the chakra it appears like licks of flames, fanning outward from the core. This visualization assists the chakra to spin properly.

The background flame Stimulates healthy chakra spinning for wellness and healing intention.

The center circle Stimulates the circular chakra center at its powerful base color. 

The inner spokes and circles.  These represent the partitions of the chakra center.  This symbol stimulates chakra integrity.

The inner circle.  This represents the “core” of the chakra and encourages it to remain open.

So as you can see, there is nothing “hidden” in the symbol of these cards, but true integrity and transparency for the chakra to absorb and remember its’ purpose and function--wellness for the body.

  • These cards can greatly assist you on your personal spiritual path of wellness.  They can be given and shared with others to help them on their path of wellness also.

The cards can be used as a communication tool to hear the messages from the chakra center that may need some healing assistance.  See my book:  The Chakra Energy System

  • Hanging all 7 cards, as they are positioned in your body, on a wall will help you to keep your chakra center clear and clean everyday of your life!

The cards can be used to “energize” food, beverages, prayer lists, money, gemstones, etc.

  • And they can be sent in the mail to others to use and enjoy.  Hang them on your refrigerator, frame them and place on your desk at work, on the wall, or in your car.

Write your message of healing on the inside of the card and allow the visualization of focus healing make a difference in your life.

And, since my love and passion in life is healing…..each card that is purchased from this website, will be infused with a special healing prayer to emphasize the healing associated with that particular chakra center—no matter who the card is intended for. 

These cards are excellent healing tools……

chakra healing cards can be ordered and are available when out of stock

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