Cool Stuff to Buy

Cool Stuff to Buy

At this point in time, my items to sell are very limited; however, they are quite powerful!

These are the items I have for sale at this point in time.

1. Embroidered Greeting cards:

All the embroidered cards are 5x7cards.
They are blank on the inside for you to write your personal sentiment, affirmation, or verse.
They are made with quality cardstock and include an envelope for mailing.
Cards are "infused" with the appropriate "energy" from various Angelic Realms.
PRICE is determined by Stitch Count!

2. Chakra Cards:
A chakra symbol is embroidered for each chakra center, (there are 7 major centers in the physical body). The color design vary with each chakra center (see more information on page)

3. Angel Intention Cards:
Many individuals purchase the angel intention cards to symbolize their guardian angel, or angels that they have around them for various purposes. My book: Your Guardian Angels, is a good reference book to describe your personal angels. Some people have gotten an angel card for each of their angels mentioned in my book.

4. Spiritual Symbols & Icons:
These symbols are readily recognizable in the spiritual community and are used for many purposes including meditation and healing. Cards are "infused" with appropriate symbol energy and work excellently as healing tools.

5. Mug Rugs: These are NOT embroidered cards!
Mug rugs are used to set your coffee cup or beverage on to protect the surface of a table, etc. They are really nice at work also. It's like taking an angel to work with you, or placing your beverage on a power symbol and "charging" it up! Whether you use a Mug Rug for a spiritual purpose, or use it just because it looks cool, dress up your beverages! Mug Rugs can also be great conversation starters, and they make nice "gifts" for fellow workers, friends, and welcome baskets! And they are washable! Read more at the Mug Rug Page!

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Asian HOPE Card This card is 5x7, and it is blank on the inside so you can write your own sentiment, or affirmation of hope on the inside. Select this card when you wish to send "Hope" to someone special, or need a little reminder to have "hope" for yourself. This card emits a powerful...

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You Are Loved Angel Intention Card This angel card can be used as a healing tool whenever an individual needs to remember that they are valued, loved, and that their life truly makes a difference in the lives of others. No matter how old we are, we all need to feel loved. When you send this...

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2nd Chakra Sacral Orange The second chakra center is called the Sacral chakra. This chakra is associated with the reproductive organs, sexual responses in life, and our lower desires. It is often said to be the lower heart of man. It often supports the emotion of jealousy and...

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OM is The Universal Sound of Healing, connecting, centering, and grounding. The OM symbol is widely recognized and is very powerful. Hanging this card in any room, space, or area will alter and change the frequency of the space. A great place for placing this card is over a...