About Star Light Connection

About Star Light Connection

Star Light Connection was birthed in spirit and given substance far before Sarah, its founder, was born to this Earth plane.  A part of Sarah's spiritual path was to learn the skill sets required to bring spiritual assistance to mankind.  When the time was correct for Sarah to partner with spirit, spirit presented her with her business name--the name that defined exactly what she would do in the future--Star Light Connection. 

At first Star Light Connection was locally recognized as the voice of new and innovative sessions that could be purchased at psychic fairs.  As Sarah took ownership of her destiny, she realized that re-connecting to the starry self and multi-dimensional levels of spirit not only excited her, but was one of her specials gifts to offer to mankind.  Her work as a GridMaster paved the way to her multi-dimensional ability to re-wire dysfunctional connections that incarnate souls tend to have.  As this skill set emerged, it morphed Star Light Connection to a whole new level with an entirely new vibratory signature--a signature of ever-expanding connection to All There Is--the I AM Presence.  

Sarah flourished and grew in partnership with spirit.  Spirit bestowed the title of LightMaster to her, and recently she has been recognized as holding an important facet of the Goddess energy.   She is the go-to voice for the Light Body Ascension Process, and provides many services and sessions to help individuals embrace their Light Body and their personal ascension process.  

Sarah, is Star Light Connection; and is well respected in the global community as a psychic medium, trance channel, an authentic direct voice channel of ones master teacher, multi-dimensional & multi-faceted healer, an Energy Specialist, GridMaster, Etheric Laser Surgeon, Master Healer, as well as holding many titles and credentials that she is very proud to have earned. 

Today, Star Light Connection is well recognized as a place to turn to when you want truth, integrity, and transparency in your spiritual guidance.  Whatever session you decide to have with Sarah, you can trust the information she provides to be accurate and authentic.        

Star Light Connection is based in Southeast Michigan and serves a global community via the internet and skype, as well as locally based clientele.

About Sarah

Sarah has been a long-standing member of the Universal Holistic Healers Association and a long-standing Licensed minister with New Awareness Ministries International.  She develops and teaches a variety of Psychic Development, Spiritual Self-Empowerment Classes, Chakra and Energetic Healing Workshops and teaches those classes at local Adult Communitity Education programs, private venues, and for group functions. She is an excellent speaker and loves to share her knowledge in large or small group gatherings.  She is the author of:  Your Guardian Angels, Soul Identification and other goodies..., The Chakra Energy System, The Aura and A Numerology Book to Treasure.  All books are available at www.authorhouse.com.  She has earned a Masters in Adult Education and Curriculum Design and Instructional Development, a Doctorate in Metaphysics, and a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology & Counseling.  


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