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Our beloved planet is ascending.  As Earth moves into a higher frequency wave of Light, it affects each incarnate soul. 

  At Star Light Connection, we are "attuned" to the ascension process.  We have developed many Lightbody sessions and tools to meet and exceed the ascension needs of each existing soul group incarnate on the planet today.

We encourage you to dive deep into our website and discover the sessions that are designed to empower you in this life experience!

New Services Announcements

1.  We've added a safe shopping cart to our website!

2.  We've added embroidered greeting cards that can be used with intention techniques or sent to loved ones with your personal message. 

3.  We've added paypal to conveniently pay for services and products you want to have.

4.  We added a new healing technique:  Aura 5th dimensional crystal template overlay session.  check it out!

5.  We added a new hot link to the top menu selection:  What's New?


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Star Light Connection is your connection to embrace the Lightbody Ascension Process. 

We offer a variety of services, information, and classes focused on assisting individuals to live an empowered life!  

If you have just "awakened" to your spiritual path, or if you have been walking your spiritual path for a long time, we have a session that will ignite you into your spiritual next!

Feel free to browse the site and find that unique session tailor made just for you.

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